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102 BPM01:52
Electrifying energy emanates from deep bass lines, bouncing pop beats and smooth synths while Spanish male vocals express raging passion in this grooving club tune. Version - Full

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98 BPM02:29
This positive, upbeat Latin pop tune emphasizes romance and passion through sexy male vocals in Spanish, electrifying EDM beats, warm piano progressions and plucky synth riffs. Version - Full
103 BPM02:28
Percolating synth plucks, catchy melodies, deep bass and grooving EDM beats radiate passion and romance while desire emanates from smooth Spanish male vocals in this sexy Latin EDM track. Version - Full
78 BPM02:37
Slick piano grooves in Latin rhythms stroll alongside hip beats, deep bass and smooth male Spanish vocals in this suave and sexy hip hop track. Version - Full
75 BPM02:38
Slick Spanish male vocals flow over grooving beats and bold bass lines while mellow synths and guitar round out the sense of desire in this passionate Latin hip hop track. Version - Full
108 BPM02:19
Bouncing beats, smooth Spanish male vocals and catchy refrains along with fluid synths and piano create a chill but energizing vibe in this club tune. Version - Full
120 BPM02:50
This electrifying Latin breakup tune features passionate male vocals in Spanish, grooving EDM beats and plucky synths along with smooth guitar and piano licks. Version - Full
85 BPM02:42
Sparkling, atmospheric vocals join forces with upbeat modern hip hop beats and rapping, with kaleidoscope pulsing synthesizers and bright, upbeat drum programming keeping the head-bobbing groove moving. Version - Full
70 BPM02:13
Slow, chill trap hip hop subtly grows with a mellow, yet victorious energy. With male vocals.
81 BPM02:32
This galvanizing pop tune encourages confidence through rousing female vocals, with cheerful synths and guitar combined with hip grooves adding to the supportive mood. Version - Full
103 BPM02:31
Love and passion radiate from Spanish male vocals while smooth EDM beats and bass lines combine with atmospheric pads, piano and synth plucks in this seductive Latin dance tune. Version - Full
80 BPM02:29
Percolating guitar riffs are joined by bold female vocals, heavy hip-hop beats and deep bass lines to encourage grit and tenacity in this dauntless pop tune. Version - Full
100 BPM02:08
Club love radiates in this hip electronic dance tune, with Spanish male vocals, grooving beats, mesmerizing synths, enchanting atmospheres and catchy guitar licks adding to the romantic vibes. Version - Full
73 BPM02:09
Glitchy electronics and laid-back beats grind along while dark low piano tones, unstoppable female rapping and evocative guitar melodies push forward in this engaging hip-hop track. Version - Full
70 BPM02:09
The ambition to succeed and push forward are felt in this grooving hip-hop track, with percolating synths, smooth female vocals, deep 808 bass and grinding hip-hop beats rounding out the optimism and grit. Version - Full
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