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58 BPM02:00
Bold filmic brass with shimmering synths & rippling chimes. Anticipation & analysis, rousing & expectant.

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109 BPM03:00
emotional & bright shining synth textures create a spacey, gentle ambiance of epic size. drop & build @ 1'05. slow triplet rock drums and electric guitar theme rising @ 1'37 - A minor, 109 BPM, Full Mix
72 BPM03:04
Ambient and tranquil string underscore with delicate electronic piano pattern. Calming motion, spiritual, relaxed textures with an ethereal and light mood. 72Bpm, Ab min.
165 BPM03:01
Arthouse, Art, Movie, Score, Cinematic, Atmospheric, Guitars, Vocals, Hope, Mysterious, Piano, Slow. Chillout - Atmospheric. 165 BPM. Full.
122 BPM02:58
BEYOND BEAUTY Shimmering and sparkling opening. Building transformation leads into widescreen ambient indie section from 2:08
Soft fluctuations, reverberations, trembles, undulations. A feeling of an alien presence. Subtle. But certain
146 BPM02:57
Slow pulsating 80s synthesizers rise with lush strings to create an optimistic mood
76 BPM01:58
Exposed cello & piano. Seriously artistic & inquisitive. Version - Full Mix
122 BPM02:57
Atmospheric synths, evolving sound design, and soft piano with pulsing percussion and strings.
95 BPM03:23
Moving into the mysterious aether. Light and airy analogue synths transcend to a section of building momentum with pulsating bass repetitions.
133 BPM02:44
Water sounds, synths, electro FX, and xylophone. Orchestral ambience at 1:00. Have you ever felt like Superman?. Version - Full Mix
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