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Emotional, gently sweeping piano theme evoking a determined spirit that cannot be suppressed.

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60 BPM01:52
delicate and pretty, soft layers of piano, bass, glockenspiel, slowly building. morning dew touched by the first sun rays of the day - 60 BPM, Full Mix
92 BPM02:12
Percolating piano is joined by stabbing strings and leads into a flowing, moody chord melody with pulsing bass and dramatic synthesizer effects.
90 BPM02:03
Sad lonely tension and anticipation
130 BPM03:26
Serene and beautiful. a soft piano, bright acoustic guitars and staccato cellos
90 BPM02:04
Sad lonely tension and anticipation
135 BPM02:23
Easy and flowing inspiration with light piano arpeggios building with strings and added percussion into a hopeful chorus.
80 BPM02:01
Drama - Motivational. Adventurous spirits take their visions and ambitions to a place of strength and boldly move forward to realize their dreams. Medium tempo. Full Mix.
123 BPM02:33
Rousing, contemporary orchestral momentum
69 BPM02:05
Repetitive and delay based bell pattern slowly building into a positive corporate bed.
94 BPM01:45
Emotional guitar and string arrangements combine with edgy synth pulses and mallets to evoke a desire for closure in this tense, building scoring cue. Version - Full
91 BPM02:31
Thoughtful intro builds with a bright piano melody, warm orchestal strings and light percussion into a positive theme.
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