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Dancing through a starlit forest on your tiptoes.

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67 BPM02:28
Building/rising music with luminous piano pattern, positive strings, marimba, keyboard and bass.
145 BPM03:51
Flickering rhythms build to magical piano, twinkling bells, strings and choir. Classical Noel Orchestra. 145bpm. Main Mix.
68 BPM02:14
Inspiring track with an excited, waiting feel based on a repetitive riff.
110 BPM02:05
Cheery piano intro brewing to bouncy light hearted guitar and drums.. Friendly Underscore. 110bpm. Main Mix.
130 BPM03:46
Ambient bell and piano melodies create an airy dramatic feel over building percussion, flowing synthesizer pads and woodwinds.
0 BPM01:52
Cheerful and lighthearted piano & marimba motif. Happy and feel-good daytime tv pattern ideal for pastoral and home lifestyle and leisure.
70 BPM02:25
Pretty pianos layer with strings and percussion helping the build.
170 BPM01:56
Sunny playful upbeat catchy fun track with piano percussive rhythmic positive technology playful good times indie pop children kids cute animation exuberant jubilant confident in the style of Apple ads
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