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130 BPM00:29
Short version, 130 BPM

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130 BPM02:10
Violinists dramatized journey over warped dubstep landscapes, kick drum escapades, bass swells. Abstract tones of sporadic piano. String stabs. Haunting Drum 'N Bass style drums. Fragmented. Disturbed minds, 130 BPM
95 BPM01:29
This pulsing, illusive track hints at technology yet to be revealed, with its staccato string stabs floating over steady drums, arpeggiated bass and string/synth swells. Pulsing, Imposing, Driving, Mysterious.
95 BPM02:01
A driving dark track with love grinding strings and a heavy beat. Synth effects creep into a slow, but heavy "4 on the floor" beat with low sinister strings. Higher strings join in to give some melody to the moody trac. The sparseness cuts through to a. Version - Full Mix
79 BPM02:17
Urban - Hip Hop. Here's the piece for the broken hearted. A lonely piano emotionally plays its tune to start. But don't feel too bad, this tune knows how to get back on its feet. In fact, I think it's planning a massive comeback. Low brass drones and epic piano with dark synth and street wise beats. Break from the norm at 1:00 and 2:04. Full Mix.
94 BPM02:12
Soaring strings over a drum beat flow becoming rhythmic playing off the percussion underneath. Airy and ethereal. Version - Full Mix
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