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132 BPM03:51
Emotive Dominican Bachata with melodic guitars, sharp guiro, driven bass and heartfelt male vocals that plea, "Como Te Olvido?".

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135 BPM04:19
Emotional Bachata with lively percussion, stirring guitars, warm bass and insistent male vocals that are trying to find a way back to normal, after loosing love.
135 BPM03:33
Intense Bachata with dynamic percussion, enchanting piano, bouncy bass and heart-wrenching male vocals that describe the despair love can bring.
136 BPM03:46
Beautiful Bachata with sweeping pad, passionate guitar, deep bass, energetic percussion and honest male vocals.
132 BPM03:42
Latin - Pop - Bachata. Sweet and melodic male Bachata vocals with a smooth beat, hypnotizing guitars and live Latin percussion, bass, and a touch of keyboards. 132 bpm. Full Mix.
127 BPM03:20
Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and soothing melodies in this romantic Latin-pop beauty. Male and female singers call and answer over hypnotic percussion, bouncy bass, nimble guitars and pulsing kick drum. POI at :47 soaring bridge with cascading synth/bell arpeggio and minor chord feel leads back into the feel-good theme. Latin - Pop, Dance. 127 BPM. Full Mix.
75 BPM04:46
Recorded in the city of Valle Dupar with a Porro twist, this authentic Colombian Vallenato takes you on a journey through the streets of Colombia. Melancholic accordion, live percussion, bass and guitar accompany a soulful, lamenting male vocalist. Latin - Colombia, Spanish, Vallenato, Romantic, Caribbean. 75 BPM. Full Mix.
127 BPM03:42
Latin - Dominican - Bachata. Dominican Bachata with live guiro, bongo, bass and guitar with longing lyrics sung by a male vocalist. Dominican. Full Mix.
67 BPM04:47
Captivating Vallenato Colombiano with walking guiro, moving bass, enticing accordion, steady percussion and heartfelt male vocals that serenade that special someone "Como Prueba De Amor".
120 BPM03:50
Energetic Merengue Vallenato with driven latin percussion, bouncy bass, lively accordion and animated male vocals ready to celebrate.
135 BPM02:55
This invigorating, Latin party-starter kicks off with lively accordion, playful synths and driving dance drums. Feel-good male vocals get you pumped and out on the dance floor while deep, bouncy bass keeps the low-end Booming! Bailar!!! Latin - Pop, Dance. 135 BPM. Full Mix.
75 BPM04:08
Touching Vallenato Colombiano with dynamic percussion, gliding bass, sparkling piano, melancholic accordion and emotional male vocals.
130 BPM03:58
Sit back and enjoy this soothing, romantic Latin-pop ballad filled with lively percussion, light chimes, melodic electric guitar and playful, bouncy bass. An impassioned female vocal soars above the smooth sounds and delivers a delightful, love-packed performance. Latin - Pop, Traditional. 130 BPM. Full Mix.
111 BPM04:14
World - African. Sung in Chichewa with male and female vocal. Catchy and upbeat with a message warning against being wayward. Full Mix.
75 BPM03:52
Heartbroken Vallenato Colombiano with heavy bass, moving synths, rhythmic accordion, constant latin percussion and captivating male vocals that sing about the loss of love.
129 BPM04:55
Light happy party atmosphere vocals features brass
90 BPM04:32
Spirited Paseo Rapido Vallenato that entertains with its vigorous latin percussion, firey bass, high-energy accordion and lighthearted playful male vocals.
124 BPM04:07
Love is in the air! This intoxicating, sensual ballad shines with emotive female vocals, hypnotic Latin percussion, warm bass and cascading guitar. POI @ :57 nimble electric guitar and lively perc pull you deeper into their beautiful, romantic sound. Latin - Pop, Ballad. 124 BPM. Full Mix.
132 BPM03:02
Latin - Dominican - Bachata. Inspiring, romantic male vocals swaying to Latin percussion, bass, and guitar. 132 bpm. Full Mix.
135 BPM03:25
Love reigns supreme in this upbeat, feel-good Latin-pop dance track grooving with hooky auto-tuned pop vocals, bouncy bass, driving drums, guitars and playful brass! POI at 2:38 lightning-quick guitar and bright brass call-and-answer over the pulsing rhythm leading into the big finale. Sonrisa! Latin - Pop, Dance. 135 BPM. Full Mix.
98 BPM02:30
Hip Hop - Urban. Body-movin', Reggaeton jam straight from the Caribbean featuring Spanish female vocals. Vocal. 98 bpm.
135 BPM02:36
World - Reggae - Island. Guaranteed to cheer you up, this song mixes a catchy melody with bold saxes and a back beat. Full Mix.
128 BPM03:36
Young love is in the air with this impassioned Latin-pop ballad yearning with emotional male vocals, nimble guitar, hypnotic percussion and lively bass. POI at 1:30 beautiful piano joins in adding even more feeling to the melancholy atmosphere. Melodic, youthful and innocent. I miss you girl! Latin - Pop, Ballad. 128 BPM. Full Mix.
75 BPM04:49
A beautiful, traditional Vallenato, infused with a joyous and delightful attitude with live accordion, bass, percussion, guitar and a male vocalist, expressing the true passion of Colombia. Latin - Colombia, Spanish, Vallenato, Caribbean. 75 BPM. Full Mix.
130 BPM02:50
Spirited Vallenato Corralero with animated accordion, lively trombone, high-powered Latin percussion and comical male vocals.
152 BPM04:27
A piece in a tinku dance rhythm, which expresses day-to-day life of the natives.
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