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80 BPM04:13
Romantic Vallenato Colombiano with rhythmic piano tumbao, dynamic latin percussion, fiery accordion and driven male vocals with passionate lyrics dedicated to that beautiful "Flor De Liz".

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75 BPM03:52
Heartbroken Vallenato Colombiano with heavy bass, moving synths, rhythmic accordion, constant latin percussion and captivating male vocals that sing about the loss of love.
75 BPM04:14
Enticing Vallenato Colombiano that cruises to a laid back rhythmic groove with warm bass, dreamy synths, lively percussion, melodic piano and powerful male vocals with a sense of confidence that sing of love and that special woman that makes life worth living.
148 BPM05:46
World - Caribbean. Son tradicional - Lively swaying traditional Cuban with multiple strong male vocals trading with a solo vocalist. Full Mix
88 BPM03:30
Up beat Caribbean song message male vocals
76 BPM05:18
Paseo Vallenato that speaks of the heartland with refreshing accordion, warm bass, stimulating latin percussion, inspirational male vocals and a hot and heavy piano solo that will blow you away.
90 BPM04:32
Spirited Paseo Rapido Vallenato that entertains with its vigorous latin percussion, firey bass, high-energy accordion and lighthearted playful male vocals.
150 BPM05:22
Easy bouncy African lifestyle male vocal features acoustic guitar
77 BPM05:27
Happy fun highlife male vocals
120 BPM03:50
Energetic Merengue Vallenato with driven latin percussion, bouncy bass, lively accordion and animated male vocals ready to celebrate.
97 BPM03:07
Live large with this hypnotic, sexy Latin-pop tango/salsa tune filled with playful piano, slick brass, warm bass and lively percussion all swaying over a sultry, Latin groove! Male and female vocals sprinkle the track with attitude and smooth, confident style. Tranquillo! Latin - Pop, Dance. 97 BPM. Full Mix.
97 BPM03:05
Latin - World - Ethnic. Easy-paced accordion theme with vocals. Full Mix.
100 BPM04:10
Sway to the intoxicating sounds of rolling Latin/salsa piano, hypnotic percussion, bouncy bass and sultry, impassioned male vocals. Pumping brass adds even more style while the band ignites keeping you locked into the dangerous, sexy groove. Latin - Salsa, Dance. 100 BPM. Full Mix.
133 BPM04:10
World - Latin. Narrative song from Venezuela. Full Mix
80 BPM03:42
Reflective, dramatic, Cumbia Sonidera that mourns the loss of love, with romantic accordion, passionate trumpets, constant rhythmic percussion and male vocals that long to feel happy & in love again.
87 BPM04:39
Bright Latin afro jazz with vocals
85 BPM03:15
Bright Latin fun brass and male vocals
86 BPM04:52
Bright Latin salsa love song male vocals
106 BPM03:34
A Latin piano riff and male vocal leads into an upbeat track with added percussion and big brass stabs. The track then breaks down with a new piano melody while vocal takes back over with spoken phrases. A happy fun Latin track erupts from the breakdown with sung vocals. Version - Full Mix
75 BPM04:08
Touching Vallenato Colombiano with dynamic percussion, gliding bass, sparkling piano, melancholic accordion and emotional male vocals.
121 BPM05:14
Happy hi life vocals and afro rhythms
104 BPM03:57
Happy carefree calypso fun male vocals keyboards and brass
78 BPM02:46
Slow and dramatic Cumbia Sonidera with insistent percussion, passionate piano, sorrowful accordion, trumpet and emotional male vocals longing for a love that will heal a broken heart.
110 BPM04:12
Old traditional 1800s Sad love song from women on the island of Penrhyn of the time the bad white men came and beat their men.
150 BPM03:42
Dance the night away with this hot n' steamy salsa scorcher! Sexy female vocals croon over playful piano, lively Latin percussion, warm bass and powerful brass. POI @ 1:40 jazzy vibes with smooth piano and muted brass give way to the swanky outro. Latin - Salsa, Dance. 150 BPM. Full Mix.
100 BPM04:43
Medium up tempo salsa Latin female vocals Vox
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