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155 BPM03:41
This high-energy Vallenato Orquestado with cheerful clarinet, brass, excited Latin percussion, energetic accordion and comedic male vocals is sure to be a dance-floor filler.

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80 BPM04:13
Humorous Vallenato Corralero with sassy brass, driving latin percussion, playful accordion soaring overhead and fun male vocals with comedic flare.
75 BPM03:52
Heartbroken Vallenato Colombiano with heavy bass, moving synths, rhythmic accordion, constant latin percussion and captivating male vocals that sing about the loss of love.
162 BPM02:07
World - Latin. Energetic music expressed by strict drums and native venezuelan instruments. Full Mix
162 BPM02:48
Grab your sunscreen! This up-tempo irie treat blazes with feel-good, frenzied guitars, ecstatic brass, bouncing bass and fiery island percussion all celebrating over invigorating dance drums. High-energy male island/reggae vocals keep the crowd jumping with a lightning-quick, smile-inducing performance that will get you on the dance-floor. POSITIVE VIBRATIONS! Reggae - Caribbean, Dance. 162 BPM. Full Mix.
130 BPM03:34
Big, trombone-powered Vallenato Corralero with choppy bass, jollly accordion, bouncy guitar, powered-up Latin percussion and playful male vocals with hilarious lyrics.
97 BPM03:05
Latin - World - Ethnic. Easy-paced accordion theme with vocals. Full Mix.
83 BPM02:36
Up tempo lively Latin merengue shuffle dance features male vocals saxophone Vox
136 BPM03:58
Banda - Folk. High energy piece loaded with congas and a brass ensemble. Playful banda, with an unpredictable male duet. Upbeat Caribbean cumbia elements with repetitive chorus. Ideal for weddings, parties, fiestas. Full Mix 136 bpm
160 BPM02:29
Super-fast merengue for a very fast ride with shout vocals.
160 BPM03:04
Energetic traditional Norteño Banda that features a high energy male vocalist with lighthearted lyrics that highlights comedic, funny live brass to give it the authenticity of Norteño Banda music. Latin - Banda, Norteño, Mexican, Comedy, Spanish, Tex Mex, Ranchera. 160 BPM. Full Mix.
75 BPM04:49
A beautiful, traditional Vallenato, infused with a joyous and delightful attitude with live accordion, bass, percussion, guitar and a male vocalist, expressing the true passion of Colombia. Latin - Colombia, Spanish, Vallenato, Caribbean. 75 BPM. Full Mix.
87 BPM04:39
Bright Latin afro jazz with vocals
95 BPM02:44
Salsa infused Cumbia Tejana with peppy accordion, rhythmic piano, driving drums and lovey-dovey male vocals.
78 BPM02:46
Slow and dramatic Cumbia Sonidera with insistent percussion, passionate piano, sorrowful accordion, trumpet and emotional male vocals longing for a love that will heal a broken heart.
124 BPM04:19
Holiday highlife music vocals and saxophone
130 BPM02:50
Spirited Vallenato Corralero with animated accordion, lively trombone, high-powered Latin percussion and comical male vocals.
80 BPM03:42
Reflective, dramatic, Cumbia Sonidera that mourns the loss of love, with romantic accordion, passionate trumpets, constant rhythmic percussion and male vocals that long to feel happy & in love again.
125 BPM02:02
Silly and quirky banda Sinaloence with comedic trumpets, fast paced percussion, energetic tuba, festive clarinet and lively male vocals that give sweet compliments to that sexy Gordibuena.
106 BPM03:34
A Latin piano riff and male vocal leads into an upbeat track with added percussion and big brass stabs. The track then breaks down with a new piano melody while vocal takes back over with spoken phrases. A happy fun Latin track erupts from the breakdown with sung vocals. Version - Full Mix
76 BPM05:18
Paseo Vallenato that speaks of the heartland with refreshing accordion, warm bass, stimulating latin percussion, inspirational male vocals and a hot and heavy piano solo that will blow you away.
130 BPM02:21
Festive, catchy horn theme w/ Caribbean influence. . Version - Full Mix
170 BPM01:52
Fast and exciting electro merengue with high energy piano, chants, lead synthesizer, electronic saxophone and trumpet, bass, guira and tambora.
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