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70 BPM01:01
Warm synths, pop piano, a laid back electronic beat and longing vocals round out this emotional indie pop tune. Version - 60 Second No Vocals

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96 BPM03:16
Pulsing synth bass with simple arpeggio lines, glorious chords and top line counter melodies - Main Mix
108 BPM02:06
Bust out the cardboard! Pop 'n' lock to this hypnotic, funked-up dance/electronic track grooving with cool keys, retro string/piano stabs, bubbling arpeggios, wandering bass and morphing synth riffs all wrapped-up in a toe-tappin' dance/electronic drum rhythm. #HitMe
132 BPM03:24
Top-40-worthy Electronic/Pop with powerful drums, energetic percussion, and dynamic synths. Emotional addition to any Commercial, Reality TV, or Film. Inner Strength, Romantic, Sexy Cool.
105 BPM03:04
Zesty synth melody over super sharp groove, hang drum pattern and string stabs. Version - Main Mix
81 BPM02:16
A futuristic styled electronic song with dark synth melody.
98 BPM03:02
Massive, stirring synths and alluring vocal samples lead this slick, mesmerizing dance tune that conjures triumph and strength.
100 BPM02:28
Pumping chords, rolling arpeggios and middle-distance vocal fx over a straight 4/4 beat. - Main Mix
80 BPM02:50
Delicate piano intro builds to cutting edge, futuristic synced synth riffs.. Robotic EDM. 80bpm. Main Mix.
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