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70 BPM02:14
Warm synths, pop piano, a laid back electronic beat and longing vocals round out this emotional indie pop tune. Version - No Lead Vocals

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120 BPM02:48
Dirty synth bass and a driving electro beat keep the groove moving, with a strong, confident male vocal emphasizing victory in this pop electronic tune. Version - Full
105 BPM03:03
Bouncing synths, a huge drop, and fun catchy vocals with sampled keys are featured in this positive dance/electronic track.
0 BPM03:40
Positive electro synth pop track with uplifting chorus and catchy male vocals
105 BPM02:06
Neon synths and nostalgic beats flow over modest vocals and a classic message.
101 BPM03:14
Electronic pop track with a motivational theme featuring big synth pulses and dynamic chorus drops.
100 BPM02:22
What are you waiting for? Press PLAY! Funky slapped-bass, hooky retro-synths, driving dance drums, fresh guitars and woozy analog pads go for broke under smooth vocals in this feel-good, infectious pop/chillwave tune. #Inspiring #Laidback #Pop
130 BPM03:11
Arpeggiated synth bass, ambient pads, and a timeless vocal with a chic dance drop emanates with emotion, and power in this ethereal indie pop tune. Version - Full
120 BPM03:10
Indie rock guitars paired with electro pop synths and yearning male vocals generate a youthful, driving mood in this brooding indie pop tune. Version - Full
110 BPM01:51
Funky Nu Disco that hits the heart of any 80's loving dance floor DJ.
80 BPM02:54
Starts with a nice electrical guitar riff joined by soulful female vocals and handclaps slowly building into an uplifting vocoder vocals chorus.
88 BPM01:57
An abstract odyssey into a complex arrangement and a heavy groove. Captivating, unique, bad ass.
120 BPM03:26
Psychedelic, dance-oriented indie pop with tons of atmospheric, modernistic flair. Cool synth pads and echoing tones hover over cool, simplistic beats with a hypnotic quality. Filtered vocals and lots of echo cast a dreamy airiness. Version - Full Mix With Vocals
120 BPM02:13
Feel the glorious RAYS coming from this radiant, feel-good indie/electro-pop track filled with playful marimba, bouncy bass, soaring synths, bright keys, sun-soaked guitars and echoing leads all jamming under hooky and romantic male-vocals. #IndieLove
100 BPM02:58
Looped strings and synth samples over a raw kit. Real, edgy, groovy.
120 BPM02:48
This indie electro pop track creates an energetic, sincere mood through emotional and alluring vocals, grooving electronic beats and pulsing synths. Version - Full
115 BPM03:40
Shiny synths, floaty melodies, electro beat, female 'pictures in my head' vocals, clicks. Casual, glossy, sensual. Pop galore, 115 BPM
103 BPM02:04
Sugar sweet pop meets dreamy indie in this atmospheric, groovy tune hypnotically rolling with angelic female vocals, ethereal keys, smooth synths, bouncy bass and fresh brass stabs all jumping over driving drums! Pleasantly relaxed and upbeat at the same time. Romantic, atmospheric and fun! #chillvibes #skeletonkey
154 BPM02:14
A beautifully breezy and uplifting tune with monumental, contemplative synths, emotive piano and vibrant dance beats.
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