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111 BPM03:23
Dreamy synths and guitar radiate optimism while encouraging male vocals offer hope in this indie electro pop tune. Version - No Drums

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83 BPM03:47
piano and echoing synths work up momentum as a female voice rises above the melancholic backdrop. floaty and spacey indie-pop vibes emerging, 83 BPM
62 BPM01:37
Peaceful piano, spacious production and an uplifting drop.
84 BPM03:24
Atmospheric and warm with indie pop elements featuring synth and hand claps to create a meditative and sensual mood.
82 BPM01:46
An abstract, beautiful, simple bed of vocals, piano and synth.
111 BPM03:23
Dreamy synths and guitar radiate optimism while encouraging male vocals offer hope in this indie electro pop tune. Version - Full
61 BPM03:09
Atmospheric male vocal with ethereal delayed guitar. Emotive with beautiful melodies
68 BPM03:00
Atmospheric and cryptic U.K. indie-pop hymn featuring a distinct, blues-driven female vocal performance. Claps. Intensely minimalistic arrangement. Neo-romantic drama heading towards a long-awaited sunrise, A minor, 68 BPM
80 BPM02:54
Delicate and dynamic at the same time, this cinematic pop-rock theme with enticing electric guitar, distant piano, enchanting female vocals and climactic orchestral symphonic procession, connotes a dramatic scenario. Version - Full
70 BPM04:11
Softly unfolding pop-rock track that starts off stripped down as a beautiful piano melody complimenting heartfelt warm male vocals. Then pounding drums take over, as whimsical synths, and deep bass interlace.
75 BPM03:18
Dark, atmospheric electronic meets edgy alt rock in this hypnotic, evocative pop tune spreading out with sensual female and male vocals, dreamy synths and distorted bass guitar. Version - Full
146 BPM03:14
Poetic lyrics, intimate acoustic guitar and an expressive arrangement. Soulful, simple, ardent.
103 BPM03:25
Unwavering hope is evoked through glowing synths, atmospheric guitars, yearning male vocals and determined drum beats in this indie electro pop anthem. Version - Full
120 BPM03:19
You'll lose yourself in this sensual and intoxicating track gliding with gorgeous psychedelic synths, soothing vocals, hypnotic half-time drums, deep bass, and lively arps. POI @ 2:40 shimmering strings all floating together create an enchanting atmosphere.
90 BPM02:19
Promo - Contemporary. A haunting sine/synth bell repeats over an eerie drone creating uneasy vibrations to begin this dark, moody piece. POI :21 emotive, plantive, vocals glide over shimmering stereo acoustic guitars grounded by steady kicks and hand claps/snaps that add even more depth and desperation. POI :42 weepy, emotive slide guitar solo leads into POI 1:25 pulsing staccato strings, full rock drums and distorted guitars taking you to the stirring, epic finale. Wasted away like fire... Full Mix
64 BPM03:23
Lilting poignancy is displayed in this powerful alt rock song. Intimate male vocals with a lush accompaniment supplies the soundtrack.
74 BPM04:34
Emotional male vocals yearn for a lover who has left, hoping that he returns, with expressive guitar, piano and strings adding to the melancholic mood in this subdued pop folk tune. Version - Full
83 BPM02:55
A hip bass, drum and synthesizer groove create positive vibes while electric guitar and male vocals emphasize the proud elation of the good life in this pop rock tune. Version - Full
75 BPM03:02
Hypnotizing retro electro/pop tune with intense synths, light drums, pulsing bass, and emotional male vocals charged with a powerful message that invites you to take a breath and enjoy life.
99 BPM03:13
piano over rising backdrop of swelling synth strings, speedy electric percussion beat @ 0'48. female vocals sing a sad love song. introvert melancholic pop - 99 BPM
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