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111 BPM03:23
Dreamy synths and guitar radiate optimism while encouraging male vocals offer hope in this indie electro pop tune. Version - Full

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103 BPM03:25
Unwavering hope is evoked through glowing synths, atmospheric guitars, yearning male vocals and determined drum beats in this indie electro pop anthem. Version - Full
111 BPM04:30
Strumming acoustic guitar is joined by warm synths, optimistic male vocals and determined electric guitar, with a driving drum beat entering only for the final refrain in this building electro rock tune. Version - Full
94 BPM03:01
Gritty electro beats confidently push forward while optimistic male vocals, warm guitars and breezy synths radiate positive vibes in this determined indie electro tune. Version - Full
104 BPM03:13
Shimmering pulses, delicate guitar and gentle piano backs emotive vocals with a message of adoration and emerging love.
96 BPM03:11
Flourishing strings carry this percolating track that soars with electric guitars and hard-hitting drums dramatically climaxing as layered male vocals elegantly voice the possibilities of chasing dreams through the dark.
118 BPM03:07
The desire for a change beams from determined male vocals, shimmering synths, positive guitars and driving drum beats in this indie pop tune. Version - Full
118 BPM03:56
Unsettling and seriously emotive alt rock song. Male vocal provides the longing feel with flowing strings adds a restrained urgency.
160 BPM04:09
Contrasting emotions are at the centre of this heartfelt tale of adventure and life.
61 BPM03:09
Atmospheric male vocal with ethereal delayed guitar. Emotive with beautiful melodies
62 BPM01:37
Peaceful piano, spacious production and an uplifting drop.
124 BPM03:07
Guitar synth rock dream pop. Uplifting and inspiring with a cool driving beat and hooks
85 BPM03:02
Emotional Pop/Rock ballad with trance-like bass/drum groove, gliding electric guitars, inspiring piano, bright bells, and motivating male vocals that invite us to trust in love. Peaceful, Drama, Cool Down, Reality TV, Love You Forever, Ads.
132 BPM03:47
Emotive ambient pulses, tender guitar and heartfelt vocals build to an emotional chorus that conjures hope, optimism and fragility.
64 BPM03:23
Lilting poignancy is displayed in this powerful alt rock song. Intimate male vocals with a lush accompaniment supplies the soundtrack.
75 BPM04:19
Emotive pop about love and loss in relationships.
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