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119 BPM02:41
Percolating synths create wonder while swelling pads and orchestral arrangements generate a spacey atmosphere in this mesmerizing electronic cue. Version - Full

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0 BPM01:42
Epic, ethereal, cryptic, mysterious, emotional, lonesome, destiny, atmospheric, evolving, cinematic, tension, a mysterious & ethereal epic adventure atmosphere and modern cinematic soundscape, Film/TV, movie, documentary, drama, trailer, promo, news stories, fiction, mystic, lonely, foreboding, gloomy, dark, otherworldly, obscure, grave, apocalyptical, tragedy, sad, disaster, catastrophe, human, destiny, discovery, challenge, modern adventure, cliffhanger, expedition, nature, mountains, ocean, sea, landscape, space, wide, universe, panoramic, saga, history, mystery, mystical, eerie, fantasy, sci-fi, video, computer game, underscore, bed, theme, soundtrack, contemporary acoustic
54 BPM02:22
Ambient - Atmospheric. Mystical opening of door of paradise garden, steps of God Father in violin pizzicato. 54 BPM. Full Mix
95 BPM05:50
Stylized sounds of mechanized windmills. TV - Film. Full Mix
113 BPM01:58
113 BPM01:58
Downcast and evil tones on synths
65 BPM04:31
Harmonious ocean impressions accompanied by electric guitar. 65 BPM. Full mix.
99 BPM02:59
Nature - Ambient. String pads and electronic atmospheres including electronic trumpet create a sombre atmosphere. Slow, Gentle, Mysterious, Ambient, Scary, spooky, unnerving, Floating. Full Mix.
128 BPM04:26
World - New Age. Meditative drama. Version: Full Mix
89 BPM02:11
A dark, atmospheric didgeridoo swelling with high dissonance and percussion.
95 BPM02:50
Sustained string chords mysterious drone with voices
66 BPM01:16
a variety of deep droning synth/ string layers invoking tension and suspense, eerie bowed metal sounds, something heavy is about to go down - Full Mix
80 BPM02:17
gloomy, dangerous undercurrent. drifting soundscape, subtle percussion here and there. obscure. strings @ 1'05 - Full Mix
101 BPM02:19
slow hollow guitar echoes, wobbling background drone, creepy and mysterious synths flutter and glide, spooky - Full Mix
108 BPM02:38
Ethereal and hypnotic underscore, sense of helplessness
84 BPM01:48
Soft, intergalactic exploratory atmosphere with cello drone and a subtle harp pulse.
110 BPM03:22
Atmospheric - Nature. Slow atmospheric track inducing a picture of an animal waiting for its prey in the dark. Full Mix.
81 BPM02:53
Film - TV. Mysterious, Atmospheric, Inquisitive sound. Varied. Full Mix
121 BPM01:09
Metallic percussion percolates through a dense, ominous synth fog with atmospheric effects and a plucky ambient melody. Serious and foreboding with a celestial feel. Version - Full Mix
115 BPM02:53
Zen, Relax, Chill, Spa, Sauna. Zen. 115 BPM. Full.
105 BPM01:37
Grainy sounding synths and cymbal scrapes come together to create an eerie otherworld of moody, creepy textures.
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