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100 BPM02:29
Emotional strings hearken the call for bravery in the opening, with powerful brass, strings, percussion and synths entering to pump up the courage in this bombastic trailer cue. Version - No Choir

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150 BPM02:20
Aggressively fun orchestral hits lead to a driving mean groove. Ends with ultra excitement from the strings and electronics. @ :13 giant brass melody with fast strings rise to a big hit @ :17. @ :27 electronic glitchy groove comes in. @ :51 brass swell into a big hit. @ 1:04 start of a noise riser. @ 1:11 higher energy section of the track starts. @ 1:35 a break with stuttery electric riser. @ 2:02 high tension build in the harmony and melody which intensifies @ 2:04 with a break. @ 2:09 riser starts the final build section, high tension and big hit @ 2:13.
88 BPM02:32
spacey intro with bell-like chimes lead to huge striking impacts, slamming drums, terrifying brass. urgent string cascades provoke an epic size hybrid-orchestra theme with choir @ 1'14, 88 BPM
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