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99 BPM03:09
hot salsa remix with afro cuban roots. classic piano riff, latin percussion, spanish guitars, screaming big band trumpets. fast footwork, swaying hips, flashing white teeth, long cigarettes, elegance, huge smiles. graceful flirtation, 99 BPM

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160 BPM01:59
Latin - Salsa - Sexy. Smooth guitar-led Bossa with a contemporary twist, featuring brass and piano. 160 bpm
116 BPM02:11
Latin - Cuban. Jazz salsa with piano, jazz guitar and trumpet. Full Mix
116 BPM00:32
Latin - Vibrant Salsa cue with lively Latin percussion and an exciting trumpet melody. Med Fast. Full Mix.
116 BPM00:32
Latin - Spanish, Jingles. Latin. Celebratory. Medium to fast. 116 BPM. Full Mix
0 BPM02:31
Energetic, moving, happy and positive mambo theme with latin bigband, Film/TV, movie, drama, documentary, urban, lifestyle, party, fun, holiday, beach, feel good, travel, world, ethnic, cuba, mambo, salsa, southamerica, carribean, latin, dance, emotion, humor, comedy, cartoon, themes, trailer, promo's, underscore, bed, easy listening, lounge, homepage, instrument, contemporary acoustic, melodic
128 BPM03:11
This smooth and sexy cha cha will transport you to the lively and romantic streets of Cuba. Wonderfully executed trumpet and trombone solos, piano montunos, sassy flute, Latin percussion and dreamy syncopated bass.
86 BPM01:51
Latin - Salsa. Authentic Modern Salsa. Live brass, percussion, bass and piano blend perfectly in this romantic piece.
115 BPM01:36
A South American World track with Charango, Latin percussion, brass and orchestra. Charango plucks along over Latin percussion with orchestral strings quickly joining in and building. The track shifts at :25 with trumpet taking the lead over orchestral. Version - Full Mix
105 BPM02:10
Trumpet & flamenco guitar over Colombian tiple and piano with percussion of bongos, guiro, timbale & cabassa.
100 BPM02:07
Steady samba rhythm combining piano, flamenco guitar with trumpet melody and percussion.
127 BPM01:01
Hot, burning salsa with brass hits, swells and flute fills.
135 BPM02:19
Sit back and relax as the sound of the cuatro, sultry brass, mesmerizing sweet sax, bass and luscious percussion take you on a trip to where Latin dreams run free.
195 BPM02:33
Classic homemade salsa from La Isla Bonita of Puerto Rico. Taste the richness of it's streets as the sound of the powerful brass section, sax solos, piano tumbaos, bass and intricate duets fill your night with Latin flavor and romance!
116 BPM01:38
Muy grande! An uptempo Latin dance track with tons of percussion, bold brass and cowbell. Shaker and piano get your feet moving with swirling synth effects taking you into the fun, infectious dance! Version - Full Mix
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