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77 BPM02:06
Bi-lingual vocals shine with intriguingly layered production and lyrics about overcoming obstacles while stacking brass hits, rumbling 808s and steady beats fuel this hip hop track. Version - Full

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160 BPM02:53
Soft, echoing Spanish vocal phrases and aggressive hip hop rapping are brought together for an unlikely union over airy, floating synthesizer pads and vigorous, dynamic drum programming. Version - Full
150 BPM02:25
Cool vocal chops saunter in and out between rap vocals and hooky sung choruses with woody percussion and future bass programming simmering underneath.
87 BPM02:09
This Japanese hip-hop track features flowing male rapping, grooving beats and determined key and synth progressions, with ambition and swagger felt with every beat. Version - Full
80 BPM02:30
This Russian hip-hop track features tough male rapping, invigorating electronic beats, bold bass lines and percolating synth leads. Version - Full
139 BPM02:24
Pulsing and upbeat trap hip hop gives way to a fun and uplifting vibe. With male vocals.
77 BPM02:22
A deep male vocal and steady synth patterns emphasize a rebellious mood while drums and bass ramp up the swaggering confidence in this proud hip hop track. Version - Full
73 BPM02:19
Featuring a boasting, tough refrain, this ballin' mid tempo hip-hop track combines bold male rapping, percolating guitar, driving beats, deep bass lines and determined synth brass arrangements. Version - Full
100 BPM01:59
A soulful guitar and steady vocal melody set the vibe right in this pop hip hop tune, with grooving drums and deep bass adding swagger and confidence. Version - Full
88 BPM03:22
*Explicit Language* - 8-bit sound with slightly off tune synth and 808 bass. Gangsta talk with guns, dope and street supremacy. Berlin hip hop anthem. 88 BPM. Fullmix.
75 BPM03:11
Dauntless lyrics delivered through bold male rapping elicit confidence while grooving trap beats along with resolute strings and brass emphasize victory at all costs in this rousing hip-hop track. Version - Full
96 BPM02:13
Aggressive, racy male rapping in Russian grinds alongside heavy hip-hop beats, low piano loops, deep bass lines and percolating percussion in this tough hip-hop track. Version - Full
76 BPM02:10
This unwavering rap track features pizzicato strings, deep bass, grooving drums and energetic female rap vocals to emphasize courage and perseverance. Version - Full
68 BPM02:03
Aggressive effects and tough hip hop beats pair with confident vocals and percolating synths to generate a rebellious vibe in this swaggering rap track. Version - Full
105 BPM02:12
Slick, swirling female vocal effects and clicky stick percussion swarm in the background behind self-assured hip-hop beats and big-talking rap vocals.
136 BPM02:48
Determined and rising trap hip hop beginning layers, creating a bold, inspirational and powerful vibe. With male vocals.
69 BPM02:13
This bold Indian hip-hop track features gritty male rapping in Hindi, pulsing synths, blasting brass, looping piano patterns and grooving trap beats. Version - Full
77 BPM01:55
Laid-back electric guitar patterns combines with swaggering male vocals and a tough drum and bass groove to project persevering reflection in this rap cue. Version - Full
111 BPM03:19
Building hip hop beginning rises confidently with a passionate and powerful intensity. With male vocals.
95 BPM02:17
Ambition and pride dominate this gritty hip-hop track, with confident female rapping, pulsing synths, 808 bass lines and grooving beats hurling fortitude at every beat. Version - Full
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