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90 BPM02:23
Stirring and determined indie
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90 BPM02:18
Bittersweet and tones of ruminating on sparse indie guitar and drum kit
90 BPM02:26
90 BPM02:26
Optimistic electric guitar melody with driving 80s synths
82 BPM01:50
Emotional guitars, loose leads and a textural so-cal beat.
100 BPM01:58
Positive indie guitar riffs and drum kit create a reassuring mood
78 BPM02:03
beautiful intro of indie guitar chords. heavenly virtues, faith, hope, charity. gentle builds, rolling piano harmonies and bubbling synths, delicate electro clicks and claps. pleasantly uplifting, 78 BPM
152 BPM01:56
Indie with a sense of travelling and time passing
137 BPM02:11
Contemplative and slowly building indie with synths
128 BPM02:46
Slick, intimate indie rock. Unobstructed drums entwined with sincere guitar textures and subtle ambiences.
115 BPM02:47
Good theme with great Guitar player
93 BPM01:28
Pop - Rock. A hooky, melodic electric guitar line plays over a swelling, reversed synth/guitar pad to kick off this chilled, sunshiny tune. POI @ :22 the sky opens up with groovy, lightly distorted drums, thick syncopated bass and dreamy, chimey electric guitars. Lively staccato strings, hypnotic slide guitar and light, glitchy percussion bring more color to this sonic sunset! 93 BPM Full Mix
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