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82 BPM01:03
Sentimental loving son with a soft low voice croons a smokey, bluesy jazz balad to his mom. A small intimate jazz ensemble featuring jazz guitar and sparce piano.

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128 BPM01:03
Being naughty but nice can have it's own rewards at Christmas time! Our seductive male crooner uses a jazzy guitar and double bass backup to encourage an RSVP to an irresistible invitation! Funny and playful call and answer between vocal and jazz guitar lines with brushes stirring the holiday soup.
99 BPM03:04
You cannot keep your darkest secrects from the Almighty One! And it feels damn good to CONFESS! Church-like B-3 organ and a twangy, sixty-year old Fender Telecaster will make it easy to free a tortured soul.
78 BPM03:24
Light and free with relaxed vocals and nylon acoustic guitar over a playful rhythm section of brush percussion and upright bass.
48 BPM03:55
Slow and sad ballad about September and life changes. Vocal. Main version.
130 BPM01:01
A welcoming, warm and friendly Doo-Wop vocal jazz quartet extends an open invitation to share the holiday joy at their house.
86 BPM03:01
A positive groove with a repetitive, hooky piano chop, breezy sounding acoustic guitars and a simple, happy feel.
105 BPM03:54
This timeless folk/americana/country ballad gently waltzes with Jay's honest vocals, beautiful strings, woodwinds, brass, guitars, bass and drums creating a truly beautiful, organic cinematic sound.
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