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125 BPM02:28
EXPANDING MINDS Embryonic pulse expands to widescreen wonder

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92 BPM02:43
Hopeful and energetic with light synthesizer pads, acoustic guitar and building drums leading into a dynamic rock anthem chorus.
132 BPM01:59
Gentle hopeful dreamy tune that quickly and energetically picks up. Stays positive. Continues to build in intensity. Interesting feel good melodies. Emotional strings.
120 BPM02:32
INSPIRED TRIUMPHS Gentle guitar grows little by little to euphoric climax
115 BPM01:49
Mystical healing tune that slowly builds to an inspiring optimistic finish. Dreamy guitars and heartfelt strings. Hopeful piano.
84 BPM03:33
Beautiful and engaging hopeful beginning builds to huge, spacious anthem rock finish with male vocal.
125 BPM02:13
Drawn out piano and drums with classic guitar tones and a dramatic feel.
130 BPM02:27
Rippling piano joined by guitar and drums. Excitng & new. Version - Full Mix
140 BPM03:19
Brooding, ethereal indie rock. Detached guitar builds to emotional anthemic section feat. Vocal textures.
100 BPM02:32
Resolute and hopeful rhodes piano, drum kit, electric guitar and vocal shout in a mood of never giving up
112 BPM02:54
Positive and nostalgic indie rock layers and builds, creating a heartfelt and reflective energy.
120 BPM01:54
Rolling positive guitars with percussion. Optimistic & proud, stirring & stimulating. Bold.
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