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92 BPM02:08
Positive and driving strings, piano and percussion

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105 BPM01:54
playful pizzicato, bouncy piano, mallets, beautifully warm bass, flutes. smooth and sneaky. perfectly underscoring small ensemble dramedy fun, A major, 105 BPM
140 BPM02:00
Intricate melody that conjures up thoughts of focus and concentration.
70 BPM02:25
Pretty pianos layer with strings and percussion helping the build.
125 BPM02:20
Exciting piano and pizz strings, with a sense of exploration and learning. Determined and driven. Light and positive. Ideal for children, daytime tv, festive celebration, science and factual programmes. 125 BPM.
125 BPM01:00
60 second version.
97 BPM02:01
Driving and motivating strings, piano and percussion with a feel-good tone
112 BPM01:40
Soft and cuddly pizzicato arpeggios play with soft shakers, mallets and string pads. Version - Main Mix
175 BPM02:06
175 BPM02:06
Bouncy melody which overflows with a joyful sense of positivity and celebration.
120 BPM02:00
Expectant and animated pizzicato, percussion and piano in a excited mood
The sound of a positive, enthusiastic and creative environment.
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