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120 BPM01:05
A tender love song that celebrates enduring love when everything else fades away. Intimate solo acoustic guitars and vocals.

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132 BPM04:20
Positive, relaxed feeling folk song with acoustic guitar, vocals and sync-echoed electric guitar. Don't let go! Vocal. Main version.
86 BPM03:37
Reflective, romantic and dreamy acousti indie folk with strings creating a tender, intimate atmosphere. Great for ads, dramas and documentaries from UK's Ian Roland and The Subtown Set.
188 BPM03:45
Swinging London of the mid 60's with the hip merging of Eastern electric sitar, orchestral strings and a rock ensemble. Vocal, Main version.
100 BPM03:12
Acoustic pop featuring guitar and mandlolin that expresses the melencholy realization that spring cleaning means you. Great storytelling in the Irish tradition. Vocal. Main Version.
124 BPM01:05
Driving, foot stomping pub sing along song for our dear old dads. Banjo, electric sitar and foot stomping. The whole bar joins in at 31 seconds to sing the praises of dad.
102 BPM03:19
La Di Da says it all! Acoustic instrumentation adds an organic backdrop for a positive message of opposite attractions. Vocal. Main version.
56 BPM03:27
Sweet, tender and heartwarming alt folk with acoustic guitar and featuring piano, creating an intimate, romantic mood building to a triumphant resolution from UK's Ian Roland and The Subtown Set. Great for ads, dramas, documentaries and romance.
83 BPM03:41
Positvie, affirming lyrics accompanied by a sparse, laid back arrangement featuring violin. Vocal. Main version.
97 BPM01:01
A relationship is chronicled through favorite romantic movies, and one television show. This couple fell in love watching theirs. Brit style electric guitar, piano, trumpet and french horns tell this comedic tale of sharing that door in the middle of the Atlantic.
184 BPM03:16
Doo-wop 50's infused pop with an upbeat, positive, swinging feel. His life is NOTHING without you! Vocal. Main version.
112 BPM02:44
Light percussion and acoustic guitar rolls with retro, beachy electric guitar fills and vintage harmonized vocals.
140 BPM01:03
Written for a dear, beloved canine, this song works for other species as well, including humans. Touching and uplifting bluegrass ensemble with banjo, mandolin and Dobro.
71 BPM03:12
Chimey acoutic 12 string love song dealing with an obsession over too many tatoos. Vocal. Main version.
148 BPM02:53
Celebratory mood as it's party time and there are games to play!
75 BPM02:50
A delicate, tender and passionate piece with heartfelt feelings of nostalgia and wistful reflection that builds graciously.
178 BPM02:09
An encouraging song of economic hard times that puts in perspective what really matters. Charming, acoustic, folk-pop song with an earthy, laid-back feel. All is good as long as you're there! Vocal. Main version.
129 BPM01:00
This passionate loving couple is finally alone on Valentine's day. Quirky B3 organ, rhythm electric jazz guitar and a bossa groove set the backdrop for this enchanted evening alone.
142 BPM03:05
Heartfelt pop waltz ballad appreciating all that is beautiful. Vocal Main Version
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