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107 BPM02:31
107 BPM02:31
Uplifting, atmospheric house music with disco tendencies.

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106 BPM02:21
Moody Synths With A 80s Computer Game Sound. Version - Full Mix
135 BPM02:10
The robots are busy making cell phone parts and computer chips as this science and technology piece plays an industrious rhythm. Medium tempo. Pop - Electronica, Techno. 135 BPM. Full Mix.
127 BPM02:03
127 BPM02:03
A smooth and energized ride through pulsing beats and bass with uplifting synth tweaks to break the journey! Comforting and satisfying, the track propels the listener through a terrain of excitement, positivity, depth, beauty, power and pleasure. A sparkling, joyous and euphoric experience driven by funky bass and deep grooves. Rock - Electronic. 127 BPM. Full.
124 BPM03:52
Groove quirkiness. Electronic tribal percussion, latin piano played and mad pocket synthesizer, jungle shouts and other oddball pleasures oin irresitably grooving electro funk beat. 124 BPM, Full Mix
120 BPM02:15
Electronica - Retail - Technology. A playful and motivating track with a carousel of bouncing beats. Designed to grow with positive emotion. Full Mix. Medium tempo. BPM 120.
140 BPM02:41
Dance, Electro, Funky, Funk, Disco, Groovy. Electro - Disco. 140 BPM. Full.
115 BPM02:50
Modern mix of lounge and dance. Version - Full Mix
111 BPM02:29
Electronic - World. Swirling pads and ambient atmosphere make this a track you can relax to. Full Mix.
126 BPM02:30
126 BPM02:30
Electronic beats awash with ambient guitar strums, this track evokes vast space and action viewed from the heavens. Up tempo yet slowly revealing, melodic slide guitar and synth provide powerful hooks, while cycling rhythmic elements imbues a sense of atmospheric turbulence. Pop - Rock. 126 BPM. Full.
110 BPM03:41
Solid groove with big synth bass and hypnotic keys, builds towards positive orchestral finale.
90 BPM03:02
Dance, Electro, Funky, Funk, Disco, Groovy. Electro - Disco. 90 BPM. Full.
114 BPM02:09
Electronica - Urban. Couture, Electronica, Fashion, Lifestyle, Catwalk, Runway, Display, London, Paris, Milan, Design, Chique, Exclusive, Allure, A-List, Beauty, Jet-set, Chill, Lounge, Relaxed, Medium, Corporate, Groovy, Positive, Business. 114 BPM. Full Mix.
108 BPM02:02
Jazz - Funk, Groove. Funky, Wah wah guitars with tambourine, rolling bass transitioning to funk bass, cool keyboards, synth lines and vocal accents highlight this uptempo in-the-pocket groove. 108 bpm. Full Mix.
96 BPM03:12
Double churned so it's extra creamy. Goes nice on baps too! Version - Main Mix
150 BPM02:10
A juicy, bass heavy, electro-funk jam with 80s synths and melodic guitars; oozes fun and humorous energy!
132 BPM02:03
Rock - Industrial - Metal, Rocktronica. An uptempo yet moody synth pop tribute that is truly a throwback to the 1980's. Full Mix. Fast tempo. BPM 132.
110 BPM00:59
Sensual house beats with voice sounds
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