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177 BPM00:30
Mud-covered guitars and deep, greasy grooves take you into the deep south for the ride of your life in this gnarly road anthem.

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137 BPM03:13
bass riff, drums, screeching guitars. building. infectious unisono rock @ 0'28. dynamic. energetic and casual at the same time - 137 BPM, Full Mix
150 BPM03:00
euphoric grunge rock anthem, burning, with vigorous guitars and driving drums - 150 BPM, Full Mix
121 BPM02:59
Hard-hitting, forceful alternative rock instrumental with a sense of determination and accomplishment.
100 BPM02:20
Rock - Punk, Pop. Blistering pop-punk anthem with lots of angst. Full Mix.
75 BPM02:02
Tight, driving and percussive rock verses lead into an emotive chorus with spacey guitar effects playing a chirpy melody.
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