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177 BPM02:49
Mud-covered guitars and deep, greasy grooves take you into the deep south for the ride of your life in this gnarly road anthem.

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78 BPM02:06
Confident easy going seductive blues rock song. Sexy organ plays in powerful unison with a grungy guitar. Wild rebellious guitar and organ at 1:27.
75 BPM02:53
Tough, grinding amped-up blues rock. Gladiatorial entrance
80 BPM02:22
Blues rock, chilled to perfection. Gritty double-stopped guitars saddle up with relentless drums and pounding bass for some Southern rock with a twist! Sexy cars and sweet guitars! Provocative, chilled-out, sassy.
122 BPM03:19
Rollicking, aggressive, swagger rock instrumental with attitude and conviction.
85 BPM02:11
Rousing upbeat indie rock.Triumphant pop guitar riffing -Ideal sports roundup
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