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127 BPM00:30
Swagger to the max, this gritty roadhouse rockin' track with groovy drums and swampy guitars.

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127 BPM02:53
Swagger to the max, this gritty roadhouse rockin' track with groovy drums, swampy guitars and edgy male vocals is an unapologetic anthem.
122 BPM03:19
Rollicking, aggressive, swagger rock instrumental with attitude and conviction.
121 BPM02:37
Catchy vocalisations poppy rock garage sport confident mean macho aggressive muscle tough four-wheel drive rebel motorcycle biker hog smokie bar drinking road movie power high octane guitar licks chopper edgy explosive ballistic tattoo NFL NASCAR NRL UFC
100 BPM02:17
This boogie-inducing, funked-up mash-up of rock, blues, hip-hop and electronica shakes hard with guitars, piano, drums, brass, bass, synths, keys and scratch/vox fx, creating a devilishly delicious groove! Feel-Good, Fun, Infectious! #GetFunky
121 BPM02:11
This story starts in a bar somewhere; confident blues rock. Strutting vocal chants and guitar riff. Upfront mouth organ led from 1:15
140 BPM02:37
straight bass drum, forceful strumming of the electric guitar and tambourine jingles give eighties mod sound. stomping feet, body piercing. heavy. sexy. extreme, 140 BPM
148 BPM02:01
Gambling on a risk? Gritty bluesy rock crime-led action. Tough guitar led theme and swaggering rhythmic backing adds tension.
100 BPM02:31
Blues track with catchy intro riff
114 BPM02:34
Embrace the "strange" in this wildly unique and hypnotic alt/indie-rock track grooving with gritty guitars, trippy synths/keys, big bass and driving drums laying down a bad-ass groove under a mesmerizing bed of male & female vocals. Mysterious, psychedelic and atmospheric.
123 BPM02:20
Funk - Rock - Guitar, Electric Guitar, Raw, Band. Full Mix. BPM 123.
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