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110 BPM00:31
An optimistic indie rock anthem focusing on uplifting, inspirational themes complimented by energetic drums, and bright guitars.

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110 BPM02:02
Wake up happy with this upbeat Rock picker upper, with engaging electric guitars, driving percussion, syncopated drums, and deep bass propelling you to reach higher! Intense, Drama, Morning Talk Show, Confident, Reality TV, Good Feeling, Promo.
104 BPM01:44
This empowering and uplifting indie-rock anthem soars with beautiful piano, bright acoustic guitars, driving drums and lively bass. POI @ :32 melodic electric guitars shine and build into the climactic, majestic theme @ :55 with breathtaking synth/strings, cascading guitars and rising percussion. Victory! Rock - Indie Rock, Alternative. 104 BPM. Full Mix.
126 BPM02:30
Reflective dramatic guitars set a serious tone that transitions into an uplifting and bright indie rock cue. @ :16 main electric guitar melody enters. @ :53 drum groove enters. @ 1:09 male vocal and piano enters. @ 1:40 heavier rock drum groove. @ 1:43 male vocal shouts. @ 2:12 short rise then hit.
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