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96 BPM03:11
Flourishing strings carry this percolating track that soars with electric guitars and hard-hitting drums dramatically climaxing as layered male vocals elegantly voice the possibilities of chasing dreams through the dark.

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140 BPM03:27
Introspective piano intro conveys the spirit of hope through adversity as this anthemic alternative track with heavy drums, empowering guitars and passionate male vocals triumphantly rises gradually to a compelling ending.
100 BPM03:07
Threatening strings and propulsive electric guitars build slowly to an adrenaline-fueled, alternative-rock track with strong male vocals determined to never look back.
118 BPM03:56
Unsettling and seriously emotive alt rock song. Male vocal provides the longing feel with flowing strings adds a restrained urgency.
100 BPM03:40
Refreshing alternative rock track with energizing guitars, motivating drums, bright hopeful keyboard effects and victorious, inspiring male vocals. Ideal for Adventure, Trailer, Film and Inspirational programming. Uplifting, Motivating, Inspiring, Hopeful.
140 BPM04:11
Doubled acoustic/electric guitars chime together while filtered drums and smooth male vocals introduce this gripping, mysterious indie rock track. POI @ :35 driving drums, frenzied bass and jangly guitars unleash a fiery rhythm while soaring vocals command the dark and energetic chorus. Stunning! Rock - Indie Rock, Indie Pop. 140 BPM. Full Mix.
120 BPM03:28
Arpeggiating synths and deep piano kick off this feel-good, upbeat indie-rocker. Smooth male vocals sing of a great night while lively drums, electric guitars and pulsing bass take off @ :40 with a soaring, sing-a-long chorus that will stick in your head. Rock - Electronic, Pop. 120 BPM. Full Mix.
110 BPM03:50
Ethereal synths, stadium rock drums, soaring guitars and a melody you'll never forget channel and emotional message for everyone.
145 BPM04:16
Bittersweet and angsty alternative rock. A brooding male vocal recalls a fleeting love story while the band drives an energetic vibe.
111 BPM03:23
Dreamy synths and guitar radiate optimism while encouraging male vocals offer hope in this indie electro pop tune. Version - Full
123 BPM02:25
Hallucinogenic, reverse synth pad evolves into a resolute, mid-tempo Indie groove, as persistent, arpeggiated guitars and melancholic male vocals transport you to "wherever you go". POI @ 1:16 float through space as the taunting guitar riff returns you to the infectious chorus one last time. Haunting and ethereal. Rock - Alternative, indie, Pop. 123 BPM. Full Mix.
104 BPM03:13
Shimmering pulses, delicate guitar and gentle piano backs emotive vocals with a message of adoration and emerging love.
125 BPM03:28
Affirming rock theme rises confidently as heavy drums and arpeggiated synths create an intense atmosphere where dynamic edgy male vocals counterpoint to aggressive electric guitars transmitting a sense of strength and determination.
120 BPM03:25
Playful male vocals, subtle backing vocals and bouncing keys combine with grooving drums, percussion and bass to express a cheery, optimistic vibe in this fun pop folk tune. Version - Full
75 BPM04:19
Emotive pop about love and loss in relationships.
100 BPM02:25
Dynamic retro electro pop with a cool, uplifting vibe. Spirited digital drums add a fun flare. With male vocals.
144 BPM02:39
Feel the sunshine radiating from this care-free indie/alt-rock summer anthem beaming with lively synths, gritty guitars, driving bass and rockin' drums. Smooth male vocals remind you why summer rules as the track grooves along! Can you feel it? Rock - Pop, Alternative. 144 BPM. Full Mix.
118 BPM03:07
The desire for a change beams from determined male vocals, shimmering synths, positive guitars and driving drum beats in this indie pop tune. Version - Full
103 BPM03:25
Unwavering hope is evoked through glowing synths, atmospheric guitars, yearning male vocals and determined drum beats in this indie electro pop anthem. Version - Full
116 BPM03:32
Mildly psychedelic vibes in this quirky indie rock song. Laidback male vocals with lively backing band offers a marginally hopeful outlook.
64 BPM03:23
Lilting poignancy is displayed in this powerful alt rock song. Intimate male vocals with a lush accompaniment supplies the soundtrack.
130 BPM02:55
130 BPM02:55
Slow, determined indie rock song with upbeat and driving chorus
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