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55 BPM02:56
Beautifully sentimental and eloquently magical, performed with heartfelt, whimsical passion with an inspiring, uplifting aesthetic.

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166 BPM02:53
Uplifting and beautiful acoustic instrumental
120 BPM02:55
Calm and innocent minimal acoustic guitar featuring delicate acoustic patterns gently driven with light percussion and glockenspiel create a serene and thoughtful atmosphere.
162 BPM02:17
Light and contemplative, this auspicious track floats by like a warm, sentimental breeze. Slide guitar gives a weightless feel with high acoustic guitar melodies and celeste adding sparkle. Version - Full Mix
75 BPM01:51
Beautifully intimate guitars intertwine with majestic brass and strings to conjure a warm reflective mood with undertones of pride and satisfaction.
118 BPM02:42
Blues folk acoustic guitar with light percussion, bass & drums. Mellow, moody & thoughtful. Travel & drama. A lone ranger...
83 BPM02:07
Warm and hopeful acoustic guitar, vocal harmony and percussion
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