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113 BPM03:05
Quirky Dominican Reggaeton with a comedic flare accompanied by booming bass, snappin' snare, wacky sfx and street-style rap male rap vocals.

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118 BPM03:01
Flirty Dominican Reggaeton with heavy bass, crisp snare, fast-paced percussion and energetic male vocals that got that "Mony In Da Bank."
110 BPM02:31
Modern Dominican Reggaeton with beefy bass, deep kick, dark synths and driving male background vocals that will get you club ready.
92 BPM02:50
Cool, Urban Reggaeton with rhythmic drums, hard-hitting snare, bright synths and powerful male rap vocals.
93 BPM02:22
Come chant "Hey. Hey. Hey." along with this up-tempo tune with cool-spoken Spanish lyrics. Version - Full Mix
105 BPM02:15
This bouncing reggaetón tune features rousing male vocals, looping vocal samples, grooving beats and electrifying synths to ramp up the party. Version - Full
118 BPM02:52
Comedic Reggaeton with fun sfx, upbeat percussion, lively piano, hooky guitar and humorous male rap vocals.
106 BPM03:04
Energetic reggaeton with a modern island combination of dancehall and Hip-Hop with hard hitting bass, vigorous synths, stimulating electronic drums and male vocals.
90 BPM01:47
Latin Reggaeton Pop with Dramatic synth, hard hitting reggaeton drums, Crowd textures, and upbeat fun latin percussion. Summer, Ad, Program, Positive, Adventure, Party.
94 BPM03:07
Latin - Pop - Reggaeton. Electronic keyboard, with a modern street Reggaeton beat, male rap vocals, and begging-to-be-with-you lyrics. 94 bpm. Full Mix.
120 BPM03:00
Latin Dance Pop with Reggaeton rhythms. Delicate piano and melancholy Spanish vocals. Busy festive beats and a fun accordion support fast, upbeat vocals. Falling synth leads into a heart broken English and Spanish speaking male Rapper. Drums fall out, vocals are supported with steady synth and piano. Ends with tender piano and vocal.
95 BPM02:25
Uplifting and positive reggaeton builds with a fun, confident and chill energy. With male vocals.
125 BPM01:53
Energetic Afro beat that ignites the dance floor with dynamic synths edgy sfx, hard hitting African percussion and exhilarating brass, topped off with festive male vocals.
95 BPM03:06
Happy dancehall parade
116 BPM00:45
High class sound design merges into a electric game with overprocessed vocals
95 BPM03:09
Infectious female vocals and captivating reggaet—n drum programming create an incontestable union of melody and rhythm while filtering party synthesizers sound off like sirens in the background. Version - Full
96 BPM04:14
Bouncy, electro reggaeton with lighthearted guitars, giddy piano, and female Spanglish vocals. Fun compliment to Commercials, Ads, Reality TV. Happy-go-lucky, Dreamy, Summertime.
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