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136 BPM00:30
Heady guitars and warm synths dance in a serene atmosphere that swirls with a sense of wonder and magic.

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136 BPM02:13
Heady guitars and warm synths dance in a serene atmosphere that swirls with a sense of wonder and magic.
150 BPM03:07
150 BPM03:07
Slow ethereal drifting swirling tinkling piano and light percussive washing effects
152 BPM01:25
Ethereal, illusive, calm, romantic, floating, dreamy, warm. A peaceful and magical panoramic theme with warm synth pad, processed guitar and filtered electric piano sounds.
85 BPM03:04
Ambient atmosphere, synths with sound fx. Version - Full Mix
125 BPM01:00
Piano and pad light melody. Version - Full Mix
83 BPM02:09
Amorphous, misty, nebulous and awe inspiring. Mysterious Soundscape. Main Mix.
120 BPM01:31
Ambient - Drones. First light on an alien world. Awe & sense of wonderment. Full Mix
108 BPM01:22
Electronic - Atmosphere. Ambient tracks designed to work with underwater footage containing sparse melodies and effects to create the right atmosphere. Full Mix.
121 BPM01:26
Corporate - Atmospheric. Think of a helicopter flying over a soon to be demolished rain forest. Full Mix.
120 BPM04:17
Sparkling opening to haunting sensual journey with breathing effects
83 BPM02:45
Delicate and spacious featuring celestial pads and bell-like accents.
67 BPM02:25
Romance - Emotions. Shimmering ethereal keyboards. Full Mix.
65 BPM02:09
full of goodness, placid, heavenly. various layers of crystalline synth, floating nicely - 65 BPM, Full Mix
113 BPM03:48
Pulsating spacious soundscape, moving, airy, floating, virtual reality ambience, bright, light, illusive, cyber soundscape, evolving futuristic ambience, sound-designed hybrid atmospheric synth pad, cinematic, surreal reality ambience, surrounding, environment, science, orbit, nice synth pad, cosmic, beautiful floating & pulsing ambient track, cosmic angels, heavenly, outer space, galaxy, earth-view, flight, flying, underwater, scuba diving, landscape, utopia, unfolding, magic, magical, reversed clean electric guitar arpeggios & fx, electronic processed, innovative, innovation, progression, improvement, modern minimalistic underscore, bed, discovery, exploration, VR, future, sci-fi, fiction, vision, illusion, cybernaut, A.I., artificial intelligence, android, research, invention, advanced, scientific, systematic, visual, simulation, 3D, wondrous, calm, otherworldly, gaming, video game, education, film, TV, documentary, report, journalism, new media
120 BPM04:44
Corporate - Atmospheric. Light and pensive over a sequenced keyboard track. Full Mix.
110 BPM01:44
Homesick, autumn mood, acoustic guitar
110 BPM00:51
sparse piano notes play over a thick curtain of floating synth. sad. melancholic. heartbroken - Full Mix
88 BPM02:53
Synths and electro FX with seagulls and piano, introspective and repetitive. Version - Full Mix
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