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135 BPM02:01
Wonderfully opulent and graceful string swells lead this heartening crescendo with added stately horns to accompany political discourse.

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130 BPM03:42
slowly evolving orchestral beauty, strings and piano. slightly melancholic, doubtful. becoming more hopeful @ 1'02, drums joining in. a great mission adventure theme @ 2'05, soaring, captivating - 130 BPM, Full Mix
75 BPM01:46
75 BPM01:46
Ethereal piece with airy pads, piano, synth and orchestral instruments.
72 BPM02:33
tranquil atmosphere underneath resonant stabs, an eerie existence, a derelict reality. strings, synths, and brass majestically approach from the distance. hope arises. regal. noble. featuring epic choir, 72 BPM
75 BPM03:32
Melancholic piano chords, a fizz of ocean spray. Courageous strings and cinematic drums gradually build into instrumental magnificence, 75 BPM
109 BPM03:50
109 BPM03:50
Rich, flowing soundtrack featuring powerful brass and percussion which builds into climax.
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