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70 BPM04:53
Heartfelt Latin Pop ballad with sweet piano, floating strings and passionate male duet.

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83 BPM02:19
A magical, uplifting and evocative tune with delicate guitar plucks and enchanting, lavish strings evoking a charming, happy love song.
72 BPM01:36
A heart-felt piano ballad with cello playing the melody in the intro and a sentimental male vocal in the verse. Strings thicken up the track in the chorus. Version - Full Mix 90 Second
115 BPM03:29
Beautiful indie singer songwriter ballad with female vocal.
124 BPM03:47
Soft soothing relaxed ballad female vocals
78 BPM04:29
Heartfelt piano and vocal ballad dedicated to heroes and victims. What matters in the end? Piano and guitar sound design with guitar e-bow hook.
99 BPM02:41
Pop - Romance. Nostalgic, heartfelt, beautifully delicate, tugs at the heartstrings. Full Mix
57 BPM04:06
Passionate vocal, piano, guitar, voice
105 BPM02:43
Expressive female vocals radiate encouragement and support while emotional piano progressions, spacey pads and chill drums add to the joyful, heartfelt mood in this indie pop folk tune. Version - Full
115 BPM05:09
Pop - Indie. This piece is a little dark musically, but lyrically it's comforting and liberating. You've probably never heard opposites work this magically together. It'll attract you like curious children to a haunted house. Moaning spooky electric guitar from the start. Beautiful delicate harp at :33. Fluttering mandolin at 1:47. Slows at 3:00. Ghostly vocals at 3:22. Epic piano solo at 3:39. Drums sound their warning at 4:00. Shimmering gongs start at 4:24. Full Mix.
102 BPM03:36
Mysterious gently building art pop piano ballad with pulsing rhythms and sweeping sensuous vocals by indie pop artist Steph Brown
74 BPM04:34
Emotional male vocals yearn for a lover who has left, hoping that he returns, with expressive guitar, piano and strings adding to the melancholic mood in this subdued pop folk tune. Version - Full
82 BPM03:54
Words turned to psychedelic pictures in this ethereal soul searching piano and vocal ballad. String quartet with haunting vocal chorus back up the singer. Powerful dramatic call for hope as life goes on.
76 BPM03:22
A world of wonder and discovery. This lilting female led acoustic indie track has a gentle and informal feel. Features upright / toy piano with hand made percussion.
78 BPM02:57
A soul is laid bare, as emotions come to the fore in this tender track.
100 BPM03:25
A honest song writing confession from the heart. Earnest and powerful ballad. Female vocal fully delivers in this affectionate statement about a love which runs deep.
64 BPM03:29
Hopeful and positive love song reaffirming all the good things about a relationship.
65 BPM03:38
Reflective Latin Pop ballad, with heartwarming cello, contemplative piano, inspiring drums and soulful male duet.
110 BPM04:15
Pouring with heartfelt, genuine sentiment, a softly played piano backs captivating vocals full of dignified yearning and sombre nostalgia.
80 BPM03:08
Gentle but impassioned impressions of sincerity, love and truthfulness.
78 BPM02:57
A soul is laid bare, as emotions come to the fore in this tender track.
73 BPM03:32
Dynamic, impassioned alternative pop ballad with female vocals, cascading piano, crisp acoustic guitars, gently rolling drums, chiming electric guitars and shimmering pads.
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