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114 BPM01:35
Chirpy chimes, pizzicato and sleigh bells entwine for a timeless Christmas interlude. Upbeat, charming and full of cheer. Ideal for bustling Christmas scenes. 114BPM.

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94 BPM01:48
Bouncy, whimsical woodwind and music box theme with brass stabs and shakers. Mischievous and off-kilter. Theme develops from 1:04. Ideal for children and family films, Dramedy, light comedy and festive holiday programmes. 94 BPM, G sharp minor.
116 BPM01:59
Lighthearted, bouncy and whimsical Christmas cheer with festive sleigh bells and quirky pizzicato string motif. Cheerful, friendly and playful holiday joy. 116BPM.
120 BPM02:13
Sprightly, retro pizzicato and woodwind motif with added chimes and percussion. Warm, playful and festive mood. Bright, feelgood and nostalgic with an interlude at 1:20. Ideal for children and family, daytime tv, light comedy and festive programmes. 120 BPM, D major.
180 BPM02:41
Plenty of Christmas cheer in this happy swinging & ear-catching fun track, jolly Santa Claus is coming, easy, cheerful, bouncy, sleigh ride, positive, carefree, optimistic, bright, moving forward, riding, happy-go-lucky, charming, lighthearted, feel-good, a jazzy X-Mas theme with sleigh bells, flute, whistling, pizzicato strings, backing vocals, glockenspiel, cheeky flute solo, easy listening, film, TV, movie, advertising, contemporary, underscore, soundtrack, cinematic, promo, shopping, market, fair, holidays, season, greetings, joyous, Advent, Yuletide, expectant, hopeful, present, gift, merry, Xmas, snowflakes, snowing, winter, reindeer, elf, story, fairytale, fairy tale, wonderland, playful, funny, quirky, humorous, smile, smiling, comedy, comical, lively, kids, children, toddler, goodies, toys, childlike, cute, sweet, nice, family stories, home, casual, retro, sincere, wishes, Frohe Weihnachten, Joyeux Noel, Felice Navidad, Buon Natale, Nikolaus, Weihnachtsmann, Papa Noel
78 BPM01:29
Lighthearted and charming, featuring radiant strings, bells and children's choir that create a playful, encouraging mood.
115 BPM02:00
Quirky, plodding orchestral interlude with warmth, charm and nostalgia. Uplifting, full of character, conveying Christmas cheer and happiness. 115BPM.
164 BPM01:40
Gentle music box chimes, woodwind and pizzicato strings with a timeless, childlike and magical vibe for moments of Christmas excitement. Playful yet restrained. 164BPM.
81 BPM02:11
Bright and mystical, featuring radiant strings, sleigh bells and marimba that create a magical, noble mood.
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