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90 BPM02:47
Classical - Ambient. Ambient classical music. Full Mix.

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160 BPM02:30
Classical - Ambient. Ambient classical music. Full Mix.
0 BPM02:04
Short, sharp tones lure you in
101 BPM02:07
Cool, a floating piece with atmospheric pads and high arpeggiated sine tones.
120 BPM01:36
Mysterious and celestial with bell-tone pulses over a mechanical synthesizer pulse leading into dark sounding string lines.
110 BPM01:28
Classical - Ambient. Ambient classical music. Full Mix.
120 BPM01:02
Commercial - TV. Acoustic guitar and synth reminding of endless winter lethargy. 60 Second
116 BPM01:31
Psycho scene, original Moog, vocals, psycho
110 BPM02:11
Ambient and pulsing synths set a tone of doubt and indecision
94 BPM02:20
Piano theme with evolutive electro sounds, Fx and strings. Version - Full Mix
85 BPM03:18
A fade to black ending. Psychic sci-fi drama where a tentative opening builds to a heroic theme from 1:31 transmitting an outpouring of heartache.
120 BPM01:55
Neutral action movement motion mechanical production line machinery modern home appliances. Full Mix.
86 BPM02:28
Synthetic ambience with echo and brass theme. Version - Full Mix
90 BPM02:16
Feel the tension build in this haunting new-age/electronic/film piece, filled with mesmerizing, pulsing synths, haunting keys, vocal-esque pads and POI at 1:35 deep bass that adds intensity and weight to this refined, moving beauty. Dark, hypnotic and breathtaking.
132 BPM07:44
Ambient - Atmospheric. Minimalistic music, light and cheerful, with constant movement of crochets and beautiful melodies of violin. 132 BPM. Full Mix
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