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125 BPM02:58
Motivating alternative rock track featuring steady drums, calming piano, uplifting guitars and brave empathetic male vocals. Potent addition to Film, Reality and Dramatic programming. Belief, Inspiring, Courage, Strength.

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102 BPM03:31
Beautiful pop-rock anthem with chiming electric guitars, somber piano, powerful drums and deep bass. Emotional, Passionate, Love. Male Artist
120 BPM03:13
Enslaving alternative rock masterpiece, with roaring guitars, thunderous drums, dark industrial effects and powerful, bitter male vocals. Perfect for Trailers, In-Program Reality, Dramatic. Intense, Regret, Struggle, Driven.
87 BPM03:51
Haunting, driving rock track with frantic gritty guitars, hypnotic keyboards and steady, trance-like drums, support intense male vocals. Perfect for Reality and Dramatic programming, Trailers and Films. Intense, Powerful, Loner, Dramatic.
165 BPM03:26
Ambient beats, soft synths and tender vocals build to an emotive chorus filled with reflection and thoughtfulness.
76 BPM03:56
Soft electric guitar and intimate piano gently surround a quiet and yearning Spanish vocal performance, growing in emotive intensity into a passionate rock ballad full of yearning and romantic desire, as well as heartfelt strings, slow yet powerful drums, and rhythmic acoustic guitar. Version - Full
93 BPM03:27
Vocals - Alternative Rock. Artistic, moody, mid tempo alternative rock song with male vocals. Full Mix. 93 bpm.
130 BPM03:29
Haunting, electrifying pop punk power-ballad with male vocals, dynamic drums, bass, ethereal synths and piano.
69 BPM03:32
mr. cupid shooting arrows. romantic acoustic guitars with sensual male vocals over soft drums delivering a heartwarming simple message, 69 BPM
80 BPM03:22
Enter this dark and thrilling sonic-playground filled with raging powerful guitars, pulsing bass, arpeggiating melodies and synth lead grooving over a breathtakingly dynamic mid-tempo drum groove. Mysterious, moody and electrifying.
104 BPM03:13
Shimmering pulses, delicate guitar and gentle piano backs emotive vocals with a message of adoration and emerging love.
65 BPM03:54
A building piano balled with a hard hitting chorus complete with heavy guitars, driving drums and a heartfelt guitar solo.
93 BPM03:11
Defiant alternative rock track with resonating guitars, melodic piano and passionate driving drums lay it down as desperate male vocals pour out pain and heartache. Made to order for Adventure, Trailers, Reality and Dramatic programming. Heartbroken, Passionate, Desperate, Liberating.
82 BPM01:46
An abstract, beautiful, simple bed of vocals, piano and synth.
120 BPM03:04
Contemplative rock theme with reflective, plaintive, rap-style male vocals, soar over massive drums, searing guitars and powerful piano. Perfect for Dramatic Trailers, Reality and Dramatic Programing. Emotional, Intense, Passionate, Desperate, Struggle.
120 BPM03:40
Spacious pop track featuring glistening synths, tender melody, echoing guitars, simple drums and Floating vocals.
145 BPM03:34
Sweet despairing vocals introduce this piece accompanied by clean, arpeggiated guitar. Powerful drums pair with frustrated guitars and questioning male vocals. POI @ 2:15 break down to mysterious piano and desperate whispering vocals ,that re-emerges with a relentless, bombastic power. Rock - Hard Rock, Alternative. 145 BPM. Full Mix.
145 BPM03:34
Reflective rock track immediately engages with arpeggiated guitars, driving bass, trance-like drums and strong, yet vulnerable male vocals that deliver a climactic emotional twist. Ideal for Film, Reality and Dramatic Programming. Passionate, Driving, Emotional, Heart Wrenching.
132 BPM03:47
Emotive ambient pulses, tender guitar and heartfelt vocals build to an emotional chorus that conjures hope, optimism and fragility.
115 BPM03:29
Plucked acoustic guitar and optimistic vocals build with wondrous, emotive power to and powerful and touching chorus.
70 BPM03:59
This rebellious tune comes full circle. Beginning and ending with a beautiful, plaintive piano melody, mournful strings join in to set the stage for a powerful and chilling male vocal. Without warning, the chorus explodes in a wall of guitars, washing over this brooding anthem. POI @ 2:57 all bets are off with a soaring key change led by screaming vocals. Rock - Hard Rock, Alternative. 70 BPM. Full Mix.
98 BPM04:10
Turbulent electric guitars, thundering bass and bombastic drums collide with untamed, enchanting male vocals in this epic, alternative rock track. The perfect fit for Dramatic Trailers, Lifestyle and Dramatic Programing. Passionate, Dramatic, Desperate, Struggle.
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