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156 BPM03:31
Pop - Electronic. Electronic pop music. Full Mix.

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82 BPM03:16
Majestic new age tune with voices and open piano theme. . Version - Full Mix
160 BPM03:43
160 BPM03:43
Medium slow tempo gentle relaxed melodic featuring acoustic guitar
107 BPM01:28
Adult Contemporary - Easy Listening - Funk. Rhythmically strummed electric guitar and supporting full sounding strings creating a feel good retro mood. Full Mix.
100 BPM02:16
Soft jazz piano ballad with syrupy synth strings. Version - Full Mix
Sophisticated romantic
139 BPM03:01
Spirited. Angelic. Version - Full Mix
91 BPM02:41
Adult Contemporary - Travel. A bright and sunny, good weather, travelling day. Driving past golden fields, feeling the breeze, enjoying life. Full Mix
96 BPM02:37
Fragile, Sting, Acoustic Guitar, Relax, Chillout, Calming, Lounge, Medium, Neutral, Soprano Saxophone, Hot Rods, Corporate. Pop - Relax. 96 BPM. Full.
Relaxed optimistic funk
106 BPM01:04
Electronic - Promo. Light & easy, breezy feeling. Relaxing and tranquil. Full Mix. Full Mix
82 BPM03:24
Contemporary jazz-pop. Super melodic with a very catchy hook. Electric piano and synth are featured over a slightly syncopated bottom. This cut has a controlled but uplifting quality. Version - Full Mix
86 BPM01:35
Corporate - Promo, Documentary. Relaxed positive pop vibe. Full Mix.
84 BPM03:39
A light drama track with romantic R&B overtones. Processed piano plays the opening theme then leads into a laid back R&B groove. Synth acoustic guitar lightens the mood briefly before returning to the main theme with a heavier loop added. Version - Full Mix
156 BPM03:42
A journey of hope and new beginnings
123 BPM02:30
Romantic acoustic guitar. Version - Full Mix
110 BPM01:54
It's a beautiful day and everything is alright, synth lead. Version - Full Mix
77 BPM04:53
Slow tempo sophisticated romantic relaxed USA atmosphere features electric piano rhythm
108 BPM04:32
Easy Listening - Holiday. Medium. Full Mix
120 BPM03:02
120 BPM03:02
Easy melody with flute. Version - Full Mix
89 BPM01:00
Smooth jazz holiday vacation laid-back positive warm relaxed human interest soothing mellow carefree lifestyle cocktails romantic dreamy seductive
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