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133 BPM02:09
Specialty - Season. We wish you a merry intro and pumping dance track, Synths, Christmas, Contemporary, Festive, Holidays, Uptempo. 133 BPM. Full Mix.

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133 BPM00:31
Electronica - Dance Beats. We wish you a merry intro and pumping dance track, Synths, Christmas, Contemporary, Festive, Holidays, Uptempo, 133 BPM. Full Mix.
119 BPM02:22
Pop - Hip Hop, Techno. Dark thriller with moody electronic hook. 119 bpm. Full Mix
123 BPM02:02
Larger than life kick drum punches underneath pulsing sound effects and a lush synth melody. Version - Full Mix
122 BPM03:01
A persistent techno beat with cool analog pads and melodies builds in momentum as this piece evolves into a cool club groove. Fast tempo. Electronica - Rock, Funk, Pop. 122 BPM. Full Mix.
128 BPM00:58
Electronic - Funk. Cool beats and a bit of a retro vibe. It'll get you jamming along in one listening! Full Mix.
118 BPM02:03
Pop - Hip Hop, Techno. Edgy dramatic synth melody with underlying bass groove. 118 bpm. Full Mix
127 BPM00:31
Latin / hip hop mix with scratches and congas hints of Christina, Britney.
126 BPM01:56
This robo-funked, electro/disco party jam blasts off with 808 drums, funky bass, brass stabs, infectious disco guitars and vocodor/robot synth vox. POI @ :46 half time breakdown then back to 4 on the floor drums drive this space-funk, party rocket through the stratosphere! Dance - Promo, Commercial. 126 BPM. Full Mix.
105 BPM02:29
Electro - Pop - Dance - Club, Party. Playful, electro-pop banger featuring biting synths, big kicks, and big bass. POI @ :27 blippy 8-bit synth adds that electro goodness and preps you for the sonic swag and keeps the kids rockin' all night - We've got it bad for you! Winx;) 105 BPM. Version-Beat Mix No Vox.
173 BPM02:14
Fasten that seatbelt and hang on as a phat, morphing synth bass, massive sub and hi-tech fx get busy over pummeling electronic drums filled with huge kicks, hyper hats and biting snares. Pulsing arpeggiated synths and siren fx add even more speed as this supa-funky, weighty track plays out. Let's Go! Electronic - Dance - Action - Sports - Electro, D&B. 173 BPM. Full Mix.
100 BPM02:58
Choppy micro funk. Dance floor killer. Seriously funkin! Version - Full Mix
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