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80 BPM00:17
Contemporary - Chilled. Laid back, anxoius, nervous sound track. Suspense with a tense feel. 15 Second.

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91 BPM00:33
Chill Out - Ambient, Jingles. Cool chilled, relaxed by the pool, slow to medium tempo. 91 BPM. Full Mix
91 BPM00:33
Electronic - Light electro textures. Medium.Full Mix.
90 BPM00:33
Chill Out - Ambient, Jingles. Tremolo guitar intro and fx introduce a relaxed beat. Sax solo toward the end. Lifestyle TV. 90 BPM. Full Mix
70 BPM00:32
Soft Rock - Easy Listening, Jingles. Slow beat. Minimal with electronic elements. 70 BPM. Full Mix
90 BPM00:33
Urban - Urban hip hop feeling.
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