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130 BPM00:32
Dance - House. Stomping Electro House track. 30 Second.

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130 BPM02:06
Dance - House. Stomping Electro House track. Full Mix.
125 BPM02:17
Dance & Electronica - Hip Hop & R&B. Dance, House, Club, Electro, Trance, Energetic, Groovy, Driving, Lifestyle, DJ, Upbeat, Electronica, Electronic Drums, Synthesizer, FX, Positive, Catwalk , Fashion. 125 BPM. Full Mix.
131 BPM02:01
Dance - House. Excellent Electro House track. Super cool groove. Head Bobbing. Full Mix.
129 BPM02:58
80's style synth with beats and electro drums. Version - Full Mix
128 BPM02:35
Mesmerizing dance track
120 BPM02:21
A phat electro workout with deep bass, punchy rhythms and grungy synthesiser, this floor filler mashes up breaks and electro and makes it sounds new again. Hats off to thr 80's! Breaks - Electronic. 120 BPM. Full.
128 BPM02:33
Get energized by this upbeat techno/electronic/dance track, racing with fluttering synth chords, deep growly bass, active arpeggios, spacey fx and driving electronic percussion! POI :44 half-time break builds the galactic pressure only jump back into hyperdrive! #tech. Electronica/Dance/Techno/Club - Science/Technology, Dance, Electronic, EDM, House, Electronica. 128 BPM. Full Mix.
125 BPM04:04
French house with catchy beat and synth. Voice samples and Fx. Version - Full Mix
132 BPM02:57
132 BPM02:57
Heavy swinging house with jazz influences. Version - Full Mix
128 BPM02:21
Dance & Electronica - House - Electro, Club. Full Mix. BPM 128.
128 BPM00:39
Promo - Science, Technology, Contemporary. Grimey bass on a chilled dance beat. 30 Second.
128 BPM02:09
Dance & Electronica - Club - House, Trance, Electro, Catwalk, Fashion, Lifestyle. Full Mix. BPM 128.
123 BPM03:28
123 BPM03:28
Evocative and pulsing with energy, an emotional journey, mixing acoustic guitar and electric bass with up beat electronic elements. Soaring above smooth dance lanscapes, this track incorporates beauty, adrenalin and left of field soundscapes in an upwelling of sonic joy. Sport, promos, aerial photography. Comedy - Kitsch. 123 BPM. Full.
124 BPM00:37
Dance & Electronica - Hip Hop & R&B. Urban, Electro, Club, House. 124 BPM. Full Mix.
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