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127 BPM02:23
Disco Pop - Dance. Funky 80's Disco. Retro Riffs with Modern Beats. Full Mix.

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123 BPM02:29
Hip guitar riffs, fun synth melodies, bright piano progressions and grooving beats evoke confidence and excitement in this blissful modern RnB tune. Version - Full
125 BPM02:54
Disco Pop - Dance. Funky Disco. Melodic, Happy and Cool. Full Mix.
115 BPM02:04
Funked up catchy dance groove with brass & some vocal effects.
130 BPM01:02
Comedy - Quirky - Disco. Funky clavinet, groovy shakers and a funked up bass get the party started as big 70's strings, sweet brass stabs and that classic disco beat join in and keep you dancing all night. POI @ :30 the bass drops out for a quick breakdown for the party people! Sweaty polyester, platform shoes and a four-on-the-floor beat = A good time, EVERY TIME! 130 BPM Full Mix
123 BPM02:49
Disco Pop - Dance. Retro Disco Riffs. Melodic with Modern Beats. Groovy.. Full Mix.
115 BPM01:58
Fun and energetic rock with a retro funk flavour.
115 BPM02:14
115 BPM02:14
Funky and driving piano melody, electric guitar, brass and drum kit create a celebratory mood
120 BPM01:44
Funky organ and bass line tight fitted with groovy drums and brass! Version - Main Mix
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