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100 BPM00:32
Electronic - World. Hard drums and gritty bass synth sounds support Indian or Arabic female vocals. 30 Second Narration.

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100 BPM02:10
Electro pop/rock grooves smoothly as the CSI lab rats test DNA samples and shell casings. Version - Full Mix
136 BPM03:08
Naughty, slow and heavy hip hop electronica.
95 BPM02:10
Mellow electronics lay back as a with rhythmic percussion and chilled groove, no ice required. Version - Full Mix
100 BPM02:00
dark mid-tempo groove w/ alien 'rap' & effects. Version - Full Mix
102 BPM03:03
Straight-lined chugging guitars building into a bold break-beat track great for action scenes in movies and games.
93 BPM00:57
Electronic - Soundtrack. Sparse and atmospheric intro turns into a more aggressive and adventurous feel; then goes back to the intro feel. Full Mix.
97 BPM00:44
Electronic - Rock. Nasty guitars and funky drum loops to grab your attention. Cool and hip Gen X sound. Full Mix.
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