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70 BPM02:45
No strings version. Urgent, blood rushing score with percussion and electronic sonorities.

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70 BPM02:45
Urgent, blood rushing score with strings, percussion, and electronic sonorities.
129 BPM01:05
Film - Drama - Sound Design, Trailer, Industrial. Filled with sound design elements and heavy powerful drums that build to a climax, this track is perfect for an intensely suspenseful moment at an industrial disco. Full Mix.
75 BPM02:04
Orchestral - Action. Ominous, mysterious textures with soft choir, light percussion and smooth violins introduce this intense chase piece. POI @ :24 staccato cellos play a dangerous theme as a steady pounding rhythm emerges. Chanting choir adds to the immediacy. POI @ 1:15 The chase is on! The energy ignites with bigger strings, more choir and full, bombastic beat rising to the climactic conclusion. Redline! Full Mix.
100 BPM00:52
Action - Trailer. Colossal, pounding cinematic percussion keeps a frenzied pace with earth-shaking power. POI @ :20 The rhythm catches fire and ups the panic with a huge, sweeping, swelling bombastic rise! Obliteration! Full Mix.
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