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70 BPM02:25
Pretty pianos layer with strings and percussion helping the build.

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67 BPM02:07
A simple pattern sustained by an ostinato percussion builds to a majestic corporate bed.
68 BPM02:14
Inspiring track with an excited, waiting feel based on a repetitive riff.
67 BPM02:28
Building/rising music with luminous piano pattern, positive strings, marimba, keyboard and bass.
73 BPM02:49
Rolling piano, percussion, pizz & marimba. Growing excitement. Uplifting & nice.
69 BPM02:05
Repetitive and delay based bell pattern slowly building into a positive corporate bed.
71 BPM02:29
Pleasant pluckings, organic motives and positive bells with an inspiring vibe.
144 BPM02:43
Uplifting, inspiring and full of hope, this moving piece begins with melodic pianos, plucked strings, playful kalimba/bell instrument and moves into POI @ 1:01 driving rock drums, pulsing anthemic strings, warm bass and magical chimes creating a feel-good, inspirational rock experience. Romantic - Comedy - Romance, Adventure. 144 BPM. Full Mix
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