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112 BPM02:05
No mallet, no percussion version. Energetic and positive featuring warm acoustic guitar and bass.

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115 BPM02:02
Groovy, Brazilian piece with acoustic guitars and double bass.
140 BPM00:30
140 BPM00:30
Light and happy jazz theme with acoustic guitar. Version - Full
150 BPM01:48
Beautifully evocative slice of sun-kissed happiness and optimism.
127 BPM02:50
Instrumental tribute to a Brazilian guitarist with nylon string guitar chords and lively bossa nova rhythms that create a progressive Latin sound. Slippery fretless electric bass soloing adds momentum and melody. Instrumental. Main version.
130 BPM02:46
Spanish guitars and bass with assorted percussion and strings with a traditional Habanera.
122 BPM02:37
A gentle beginning gives way to an upbeat, fun jazz guitar trio arrangement of the holiday classic. Acoustic guitar leads the way with moments of sophistication and mischief.
96 BPM02:17
6 and 7 nylon strings guitars and steel strings guitar. Theme at 0:19 at 1:44. Variation at 0:45. Solo at 0:53. . Version - Full Mix
92 BPM03:02
Latin jazz jaunty acoustic guitar and rhythm
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