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70 BPM02:35
Drums and percussion only version. Urgent, blood rushing score with percussion and drums.

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140 BPM00:33
Drama - Trailer. Intense thrilling music perfect for a dramatic sequence or chase scene. Builds with intensity throughout the piece. Full Mix.
120 BPM02:06
Alt version with percussion, no drums. Fast paced and adrenaline fuelled survival and action, energetic movement, powerful drums and urgent speed and chasing or being chased.
120 BPM01:17
Alt version, percussion and drums only. Big and powerful percussion and drums, action and adventure. Overcoming challenging and competitive odds.
180 BPM01:00
High tension fighting standoff. Rolling and rigid start, amplifying ferociousness to bitter end.
137 BPM02:36
Mysterious piano, reverse strings, swirling, chaotic effects and gigantic battle drums create an epic sense of inescapable doom. Version - 60 Second No Synthesizer
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