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109 BPM00:32
Drama - Soundtrack. Curious string parts and drawn out clarinet notes make you wonder. 30 Second.

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110 BPM01:02
Drama - Soundtrack. Curious string parts and drawn out clarinet notes make you wonder. 60 Second.
110 BPM02:10
Drama - Romance. This bouncy and active piece is great for a romantic comedy.
85 BPM02:16
The exotic sound of the marimba catches your ear immediately and causes a lot of excitement. The piano pierces through the mix with its confusing playing while the strings and the soprano saxophone add mystery. Key: A minor. 85 Bpm. Full Mix.
160 BPM01:09
Low bass and hi-hat play a simple pattern with shimmering synth tones swelling like a lighthouse. Version - Full Mix
90 BPM01:10
calm bass accents with delayed percussion, synths and piano phrases. thoughtful, investigative, questioning, 90 BPM, Full Mix
108 BPM03:04
Dramatic and dark
110 BPM01:02
Drama - Soundtrack. Slide acoustic guitar and percussive elements combine with orchestral parts to create a busy and active tune. 60 Second.
100 BPM00:54
Weather, Bavarian storm, quiet before the storm, natural spectacle
92 BPM02:20
Main Version - Modern orchestral, electronica, percussion loop with strange elements and female voice.
130 BPM00:56
mysterious and intriguing marimba and metal bowl patterns over medium paced percussion bed. serious and dark, slowly increasing in intensity, 130 BPM, Full Mix
99 BPM02:12
Bizarre, crazy and eccentric track, surreal, madness and strange world.
120 BPM01:19
Chase, at 0.40 escape
120 BPM02:31
Mysterious underwater movements accompanied by electronic instruments. 120 BPM. Full mix.
104 BPM00:26
Surveillance, surveillance
98 BPM00:43
Ironic waltz, comedy, crime, humorous, drama, easy, positive, suspense, light tension, orchestral theme with finger snaps.
116 BPM01:20
Stalking, later chase
90 BPM01:09
Main Version - Percussion action track with electronica, horror, rhythmic middle part and bowed guitar.
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