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127 BPM02:23
127 BPM02:23
Bouncy and encouraging, featuring frollicky strings, music box and electric guitar that create a magnificent, inspiring mood.

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145 BPM01:00
Instrumental - Orchestral. This tune is like Christmas morning. You know how you want to freeze time so it never ends, but it always just zooms by anyway? The beat gives a sense of urgency like time is flying by, but the strings are just meaningful and slow enough that you can soak in every minute as it races on. You might cry a happy tear when you hear the exciting joyful bells. Full Mix.
102 BPM01:52
Bright and honored, featuring light acoustic guitar, piano and strings that create a cheery, happy mood.
70 BPM02:25
Pretty pianos layer with strings and percussion helping the build.
140 BPM01:41
Drama - Suspense. Each track has a cutting point at the 30sec mark followed by an underscored section that provides lots of options. Full Mix.
69 BPM02:05
Repetitive and delay based bell pattern slowly building into a positive corporate bed.
145 BPM03:51
Flickering rhythms build to magical piano, twinkling bells, strings and choir. Classical Noel Orchestra. 145bpm. Main Mix.
125 BPM02:28
EXPANDING MINDS Embryonic pulse expands to widescreen wonder
125 BPM02:13
Drawn out piano and drums with classic guitar tones and a dramatic feel.
112 BPM01:59
Beaty light tension track
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