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59 BPM02:42
59 BPM02:42
Smooth and optimistic, featuring floating piano, drones and percussion that create an inspirational, positive mood.

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0 BPM02:13
Informational and explanatory marimba motif with lighthearted and quirky pizzicato. Current affairs, science and research bed with an optimistic and playful mood.
66 BPM01:27
Plodding along through life, synthetic mallets, chimes, echoes. Unpassionate although positive string of thoughts with dud undertones, 66 BPM
The sound of a positive, enthusiastic and creative environment.
116 BPM01:44
Fast flowing piano figure with rippling woodwind and gentle percussion. Optimistic and energetic with a positive outlook. Ideal for documentary, nature, science and factual information. 116 BPM.
115 BPM02:28
Dreamy and light electric piano, marimba and strings
69 BPM02:05
Repetitive and delay based bell pattern slowly building into a positive corporate bed.
71 BPM02:29
Pleasant pluckings, organic motives and positive bells with an inspiring vibe.
Everything is aligned with beautiful synchronicity.
115 BPM01:01
60 second version.
73 BPM02:49
Rolling piano, percussion, pizz & marimba. Growing excitement. Uplifting & nice.
90 BPM01:46
Fast-paced mallet and piano pattern with a lightweight positivity. String pads and added percussion at 0:55. Driving and determined with a hopeful outlook. Ideal for human stories, heartwarming family films, corporate and daytime tv productions. 90 BPM.
57 BPM02:56
Hopeful and thoughtful track with a minimal arrangement.
0 BPM01:00
60 second version.
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