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200 BPM01:36
Jingling mallet lead, jangling percussion and bouncing arpeggiators in the background. Version - Main Mix

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195 BPM00:59
60 second version.
195 BPM02:14
Fast-paced piano groove with drums and celeste. Joined by retro organ and electric guitar. Childlike and energetic with a friendly vibe. Ideal for childrens tv, daytime tv and youthful lifestyle and leisure. 195 BPM.
Lively, jangly indie guitars with male vocal refrains and subtle synth textures. Strong bouncy bass groove. Energetic, carefree and summery outdoor vibe. Ideal for youthful leisure, travel, daytime tv and summer activities.
140 BPM02:24
Jolly voices and brass flowing effortlessly over vibraphone and drum groove! Version - Main Mix
164 BPM03:09
Upbeat retro beat with positive and bright feeling. Guitar lead, hammond and rhythm section accompaniment. Key G major. 164 BPM. Full mix.
190 BPM01:52
Walking bassline trotting alongside gentle brushed drums with retro synth keys and leads. Version - Main Mix
155 BPM02:20
Punchy indie pop with a catchy guitar melody, synths and percussion
146 BPM02:29
Exciting, stomping brass band-led theme with marching drums and bells in a confident, retro and festive mood. Breakdown at 1:19. Joyous and magical. Ideal for children, family and daytime tv, light comedy and festive holiday advertising. 146 BPM, C major.
140 BPM02:29
Bold Christmas pop with warm strings, cheery saxophone and magical bells
135 BPM02:18
Striding, swinging harpsichord-led retro-pop groove
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