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144 BPM01:24
Haunting voice effects lead into hard hits with ominous metal scrapes, freaky synth pads and bombastic drum and guitar samples.

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135 BPM01:30
Filtering sweeps and rises travel through a maze of broken-up drum loops and echoing synth melodies then morph with desolate effected horns leading into colliding programmed drums and effects.
121 BPM01:07
Freakish brass effects and building percussion lead into washy rises, powerful dynamic hits and syncopated, tension-building rhythms.
73 BPM01:29
Intense and action-packed with tons of filtering effects, fast-moving percussion and rises, and aggressive vocal samples.
96 BPM01:28
Low buzzy synthesizers and cataclysmic atmospheres collide over violent, earth-ending hits.
120 BPM02:06
Subject 001. Pounding percussion, haunting fx, and distorted atmospherics rise and build to a scary finale
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